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A sexual act similar to the original rusty trombone with the exception that said trombone player is actually turned upside down by his partner in the air, hence the term "inverted". This variety does not necessarily require a male/female partnership as I first witnessed this act practiced (clothed, thankfully) by two men. It is imperative that the man being used as a trombone be strong, due to the fact that he has to turn and hold the trombone player upside down.
Friend 1 - "You know what's hot? When a chick gives you a rusty trombone."
Friend 2 - "Yeah, that's cool."
Friend 1 - "You know what's not hot? When you see two dudes doing a inverted rusty trombone."
Friend 2 - "That's gay, dude."
Friend 1 (shuddering) - "Yeah, I know."
by Visually Violated August 01, 2009
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