1. while making out with a chick, you slide your hands down her pants and put your digits in her vagina.

2. reverse underbite with penetration.
my date was going bad until i gave her the intruder. bitch was loving it, yo.
by nate fingerman July 16, 2006
Top Definition
Variation on The Stranger, a masturbation technique wherein one sits on or raises one's hand until it becomes numb from the lack of circulation, then proceeds to masturbate with the numb hand, giving the sensation of another person. Legitimated by a Dave Chappelle reference. With The Intruder, however, one stands in front of a mirror wearing a ski mask. This gives the impression that someone has broken into one's home and started jacking one off with a stone cold gaze. Getting caught up in the moment, one could ask, "How did you get in here?" Or plead, "Stop doing that."
Hey Rich, I just bought this new ski mask. After dinner I'm going to break a pane of glass in my bedroom window and do The Intruder. I'll call you later.
by Cat Burglar September 18, 2006
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