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The word internets is plural for internet. See my entry for internet.
Person 1: Look at these people E-fighting on the BBS.
Person 2: Fucking internets.
by IbeSonance April 21, 2006
14 54
A term originally used to mock Bush, but has degraded into a word hipsters use in an attempt to make themselves sound cooler. People who use the word are the peope who also use teh and le because quite simply they saw everyone else doing it.

This also goes for teh internets, the typed form of the word in which the is intentionally mistyped, so they can make themselves look like the largest douchebags possible.
Hipster: I was surfing the internets at starbucks...
Person: Shut up, you are a douchebag.
by Andrew Apocalypse October 19, 2005
65 108
The mainstream substitution for cocaine. Not necessarily safer, but the addictive component is 99.9% more potent, the high is 100x more fun, and the length is all the money you have.
Guy: Hah! The Internet is for nerds!

*After getting his new computer with Internet*

Guy: Holy shit, I can't stay away from the Internet!
by BusinessMan February 25, 2005
23 73
George Bush's new name for the Internet, if you ask me he said it that way on purpose to keep his old and traditional guy image. Thank God he didn't say "intranet" or "interweb"
Does the fact that it's "internets" make it the sequel to Al Gore's internet?
by Dan November 04, 2004
25 79
A series of tubes, definitely not a truck, intended for porn porn porn.
Ted Stevens from Alaska is the foremost expert on the internet.
by Sam is a Dick December 05, 2006
24 157
The term "internets" was used by George W. Bush to correctly refer to the two existing internets: internet and internet2. Internet2 is used by educational institutions for high-bandwith data transfers where as the first internet -- the one usually used by the average person -- is best-known for its hypertext protocol.
Ignorant media made fun of Bush for using the plural of internet not realizing that the joke was on them. They should have done more research by visiting www.internet2.org
I hear there's rumors on the internets...

--George W. Bush referring to the two actually existing internets
by natrium November 08, 2004
87 375