One huge therapy session
I come onto the internet and the streets are safe
by Tooly Towers June 04, 2003
Home of the pale thin nerd kids of America.
The internet has bred a new generation of worthless turds.
by super duper pooper scooper June 27, 2003
The place on your computer that lets you go on MySpace.
You probably can't go on MySpace using your microwave oven... it's on the internet.
by MySpace Bob December 28, 2007
about the next best thing to the toilet (which was invented by thomas crapper).
he used the internet to get pornography to masturbate from.
by The "Fake" Lauren August 10, 2004
Invented by Al Gore
"I invented the Internet" - Al Gore
by Strawberry Clock Version 2 November 25, 2003
The interface of each brain with the brains of all.
by Mike Epstein November 06, 2003
a place where ryofire finds his gay porn.
hey ryofire, did you use the internet?

ryofire: yea, i found tons of gay porn!
by yousuck August 09, 2003

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