It is manly used for getting free porn.
Boobs tit awesome all free at the clik of a button on the internet
by jorgan van kill October 13, 2007
what your on now....
....won no ruoy tahw
by dont look here.... March 14, 2007
best damn thing ever invented
why labor over a skool report when it can be had for free from the Internet
by stu f. May 27, 2004
A confusing box that controls the lives of closeted satanists
Ket: Am I on the internet

Aise: ...
by Jabu January 01, 2004
A virtual network where people, calling themselves critics, post negative comments about upcoming movies.
"It's a Miramax flick. We gotta bust it up so people stop calling us names on the Internet." - Jay and Silent Bob
by Thumbs May 23, 2003
how the fuck could you not know what the internet is?
i'm a dumbass who don't know what the internet is.
by bobby meldan March 10, 2015
The end of your social life.
PERSON 1: Hey, what'd you do yesterday? I was out all day at a youth club!
PERSON 2: *updating Facebook*
PERSON 1: Hey, is that the Internet?
PERSON 2: *Tweeting*
PERSON 1: Uhhh, hey?
PERSON 2: *being mentally scarred by Tumblr*
by A-Person October 12, 2014

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