A magic place powered by unicorns on treadmills.
The internet is down again, the unicorns must be on strike.
by Engineering Masters Student February 26, 2012
"internet"After staying up all night having way to much coffee and hanging with your peeps the best way to laugh scream and lose sleep for the rest of your life.
by PedojammijFish November 01, 2009
the best thing since fried sausages
Wife: What do you you want for dinner tonight?

Husband: Internet... and sex.
by JaredInsanity August 29, 2008

Serious business.

pl. internets, internetz
Internetz are serious business.
by Dashalasha July 12, 2008
It is manly used for getting free porn.
Boobs tit awesome all free at the clik of a button on the internet
by jorgan van kill October 13, 2007
best damn thing ever invented
why labor over a skool report when it can be had for free from the Internet
by stu f. May 27, 2004
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