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the holy mother of all porn, stalkers, pervs, pedos games, ads, mmorpgs, nerds, big shots, Losers, chat rooms, THE MIGHTY GOOGLE, youtube, facebook, myspace, twitter, blogs, mini man-made black holes and the worst and most creepy things you will ever see.
I logged on to the internet and got mind raped.
I talked to my friend on the internet.
I played a game on the internet.
by A.Dark.Closet July 04, 2011
"internet"After staying up all night having way to much coffee and hanging with your peeps the best way to laugh scream and lose sleep for the rest of your life.
by PedojammijFish November 01, 2009
the best thing since fried sausages
Wife: What do you you want for dinner tonight?

Husband: Internet... and sex.
by JaredInsanity August 29, 2008

Serious business.

pl. internets, internetz
Internetz are serious business.
by Dashalasha July 12, 2008
The possessive form of the word internet; An internet that appears to belong to an individual.
I hax ur internets, n00b.

Jerry, get off your internets and do some damn work.
by Wooden Jesus August 19, 2007
what your on now....
....won no ruoy tahw
by dont look here.... March 14, 2007
The net that's in swimming trunks.
God, that's scary. I think I just logged onto my internet.
by Jon March 06, 2005