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A gargantuan system of connected computers forming a network that spans the entire planet, witch is why it is also called the world wide web.
Or simply the thing on the screen you are reading this from.
The internet (atleast the one we know about) is entirely populated by humans (maybe),this is a very good excuse as to its state,after all humans are not the most organized bunch.It is possible to find anything and i mean anything here,including things that greatly cripple our world view and how you perceive your fellow earthlings because unhindered communication reaches the depths of the subconscious.(it is a good idea to leave your right/wrong distinguishing module off as it does not apply evenly with all individuals of Homo sapiens).
Modern human-This place has everything,including virtual AIDS that wrecks your computer.
time traveling wizard-Wow we didn't really change haven't we.

Internet,the doodle pad of the human consciousness
by MC-STEEL February 16, 2014
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A-Are you serious? What kind of moron are you?
You're looking up Internet in the Urban Dictionary. Get off. Now.
by DarkspineSilver1 January 06, 2014
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...the thing your using
person 1: what is this
me :.....the internet
by cmk223 December 16, 2013
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where bitter people with no social lives and a deep affection for cats and/or dogs gather to rant about pop culture
"God, Miley Cyrus's VMA's performance was -"
"Godawful? Yeah, I talked to some of my Internet friends about it."
by snoopdog October 19, 2013
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the reason you're either doing great in or failing school.
1) taking answers from the internet
2) procrastinating and not even attempting homework.
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something that everyday people go on and mostly this thing has a FUCK LOAD OF PORN. but besides that, the internet is used for games, email, instagram, facebook and other shit. also used for looking up something or someone. how to use the internet, simply go to a store like bestbuy or some store and purchase a 500$ laptop or desktop, i really don't care. set the computer up to your liking, either hack,borrow, or use an internet producing device thing. set up the internet connection and BOOM!! there ya go. trust me, there are things in this thing that are STRANGE.
matt:hey man, do you have internet?
Jake: yeah but some one hacked into it. on my internet bill, they went on 100 porn websites.
by MR.KICK-ASS March 24, 2013
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A magic place powered by unicorns on treadmills.
The internet is down again, the unicorns must be on strike.
by Engineering Masters Student February 26, 2012
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