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when you encounter the work of a certain band, athelete, celebrity, fauxlebrity, or anybody of the sort that you take to and scour the internet for more work or information from this gripping personality. Checking their twitter, looking on their non-micro blogs, checking out photos, wikipedia page, myspace, and youtube videos. Also known as stalking by internet.
Dude 1 (After watching transformers)- Before I fapped off to her, I totally practiced internet worship on Megan Fox. I went all over youtube and google images and read her wikipedia page and all that shit before I passed out wanking to her FHM shoot.

Dude 2- Yo sounds cool. Promise me you want stalk her and/or murder and rape anybody as a product of the stalking.

Dude 1- All best are off bro, I'm high on internet worship.
by el hombre 123 June 27, 2009
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