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Internet Whore (N.)
1- One who excessively updates their live journal, has a profile full of ridiculously colorful text (and song lyrics), and has most importantly, a myspace where they are often found tYpInG and (usually) acting retardedly.
"mY nAmE iS seXii Mike nd meh Hobiez includez:
Moonlight Strolls
Fresh German Chocolates
Dancing to the 'flashdance' soundtrack!
O, LoL and im Allergic to Peanutz!!!
OmG iLLy!!! I LUB J00!!":-D
by steve March 08, 2005
Internet whores are women looking for for a long term relationship by posting pictures of themselves as whores on the net.There is a subspecies of whore that is into casual sex, but has too many young kids at home to go to the bar. No self esteem and a rash that will not go away is often the result of visiting a one of these skanks.
He Billy I told you to put a sock on, if you were going to bang those internet whores.
by Johny Skanked September 22, 2006
a person who goes on the internet and meets people and then ask them to take off there clothes or justs meet random guys on the internet to make her boyfriend jelouse
Richie: hey peter whats up?
peter nothing i think ashleys cheating on me
Richie: with who?
Peter: some guy she meet on the internet i read one of there im's and she asked him to take his clothes off
Richie: Shes such an internet whore
by want2befree13 January 12, 2006
Someone who competes with others for the sole purpose of gaining a name for themselves online. A person who has no life whatsoever in the real world, that they must put on shows to make a nice online reputation. These people should be pitied for their inability to make anything out of themselves when a computer and AOL aren't present.
lifeless_chick: My mommy and daddy hit me, and make me feel bad, and call me bad names. Nobody likes me. Feel bad for me PLEASE! I'm gothic because of what society has done to me!


WannaBeJock: I'm so cool, I play football at my school (not really), and can kick anyones ass. Nobody knows I'm lying but since were online it's going to stay that way.
by Joe August 30, 2004
1.Someone who, realising that they will not be recieving attention from boys they know in real life anytime soon, posts messages such as 'Im soo horny lol!' or 'im a blond model/phsicist' in hopes of ensnaring a pale faced, acne riddled 'cyber bf'.
2. Someone who feels the need to whine in poorly spelt topics about their suburban angst to strangers over the internet. This description could also be applied to every single Dashboard Confessional fan ever.
3.Anyone who has a webcam site and Amazon wish-list and finds that their 'daily routine' consists of sitting and looking pensive in flattering poses, whilst wearing a pair of emo glasses.
1.2HOTT4U why are you such an internet whore?

2.No-one cares about your C in maths, internet whore. Why don't you take your own advice and slash your stupid wrists.
by Ihateyouallsomuch August 08, 2005
Victims of engaging in conversation with fat, undersexed nerds south of the Mason-Dixon.
"They called you Internet Whores? Girls, you should know better by now than to even look at those internet degenerates. If you make direct eye contact, they think it means you want their tiny, misshapen dicks."
by Pseudonymn November 17, 2009
Girls that send naked pictures to guys they have never met before
girl meets guy on Facebook they talk dirty then send naked pictures this makes her a internet whore
by resevior March 31, 2011
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