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racism on the internet. Most racists are internet racists so that they can talk hardcore trash about your ethnicity all day and remain annonymous, since they clearly lack the balls to say anything to your face in real life. IR's will prowl the internet looking for any reference to your race (articles, pictures, videos, etc.) and talk crap about you, all while hiding behind the safety of their computer screens. Lots of them are at youtube making garbage comments about you. Some are even here at Urban Dictionary. Don't believe me? Look at most of the definitions for 'black people' where most of said definitions are in some way demeaning black people.

The best advice for regular internet-goers: Just ignore internet racism. Ignoring racism makes you strong. Always remember: as a normal person, you're always one step above a racist. Always.
Look up any video on youtube that involves African-Americans, and you're 100% absolutely guranteed to find people posting "I hate niggers" comments. That's internet racism for ya.
by JT the man April 03, 2008
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