A boyfriend that one keeps. The majority of interaction between the couple is done over MSN messenger.

See also internet girlfriend
Hey Matt, did you hear? Ang made me her internet boyfriend, and now she wants to inter-do me. With web-cams. By the way, can i borrow yours?
by Sheldon January 27, 2004
Top Definition
internet boyfriend, n. : A male acquaintance that one met on the internet. Someone who one would spend countless hours on YIM, MSN Messenger, or AIM chatting with. A good friend who one would also like to meet in person to discover if the romantic feelings are as real in person as they are on the internet/cell phone.
Michelle talked to her internet boyfriend for hours on YIM and the cell phone before deciding to meet him in person.
by goodgurl1313 July 31, 2005
someone online that you lust after without needing to meet them, communicate with them, or having any sort of contact with them. is also similiar to TV/Movie boy/girlfriend.
I was searching through some pictures on mostbeautifulman.com and totally found my new internet boyfriend. he is a hottie for sure!
by Jesse January 07, 2004
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