An idea concerning the earth's origins that states that the known universe is too complex to have evolved randomly, which is what the theory of evolution teaches. Its' critics (95% of whom call themselves atheists) slam it as being "Not science" or "A loony back door way for the Christians to try and ram religion down kids' throats". The irony is that these same people, when arguing for their belief, will mostly defend it with the theory of evolution.
I.D critics think that everyone who follows intelligent design is a Christian moron with no grasp on the real world, yet there are numerous scientists with no particular religious belief who see value in I.D. If its' such a load of crap I don't know why the atheist brigade are getting so paranoid about it? They should be encouraging schools to teach it along with evolution, kids are smart these days. Then at least when they're adults and they want to rubbish I.D they'll actually have some knowledge of it, instead of being like all the narrow-minded people don't want to see it explored as a theory at all because it challenges their faith that everything in this world is a random occurence.
by Ben the Aussie November 13, 2006
The belief that an imaginary friend in the sky called God created the world, even though the people that believe in God score lower on IQ test than atheists, and that science has proven that evolution is true.
Intelligent design is true 'cause it says so in the Bible, and if ya'll don't believe in Jesus you'll burn in hell.
by Reverend Blue Jeans June 20, 2011
Irreducible complexity, defined by imbeciles that spend meaningless lives selling half-truths and whole lies to anyone that still wants God in classrooms. The closest thing to a legitimate argument for intelligent design is pointing out flaws in the current theory of evolution. I.D. by definition is not and can never be science, because it is based upon an element beyond human understanding creating life. The scientific method can't be applied, because it's not a "scientific theory" that can be tested or something for which evidence can be collected, only a "theory" that people believe based upon their own understanding of the issue.
Intelligent design is almost like science, without the science part. But it sure got popular fast
by the epitome of greatness July 10, 2008
alternative metaphysical life origin theory to metaphysical life from non life theory presented in college- and high school classes by misguided persons with little understanding of observational science
inappropriate forum: neither belong in a such science classes, but if the latter uncaused effect, life evolving from non-life, is offered then also the former, intelligent design, must be offered
by Quirk Evinced Fairly January 26, 2013
An alternative scientific theory for the origins of life. Contrary to what 99% of people will tell you, Intelligent Design is not grounded in religion, nor does it assume the existence of an intelligent being as creator. Instead, the theory suggests that intelligence is a force that exists in the universe(similar to gravity or magnetism), and that it affected the development of life on Earth. Unfortunately, the opponents of Intelligent Design have succeeded in convincing the public that the theory is simply Christian Creationism in disguise, and its proponents are promoting the theory out of religious fervor. This lie has become so engrained in the minds of people that it seems that nothing could expose the truth.
I'm not here to offer evidence for Intelligent Design. I'm just here to debunk a all-too-common myth about the theory.
by Anonymous debunker of myths July 20, 2008
Intelligent design is "The assertion or belief that physical and biological systems observed in the universe result from purposeful design by an intelligent being rather than from chance or undirected natural processes."

A common misconception is that intelligent design is just "microwaved Creationism". Creationism (and religion, for that matter) is a form of intelligent design. Intelligent design is not a form of creationism. Intelligent design could even mean that an alien created the world. There is nothing contradictory for an atheist to believe in some types of intelligent design. If you believe in evolution it is also not contradictory at all to believe in intelligent design.

Another common misconception is that everyone who believes in intelligent design is a FAT RETARDED JEWBAG. There are many many incredibly intelligent scientists that support this theory. This is irrelevant, but it's worth mentioning.

If the big bang theory is plausible, then Intelligent Design should be too.

Now before you shit your pants, Intelligent Design does in fact have no evidence. But it does have some pretty obvious implications like, yep, how incredibly complex humans, and everything in existence is. Ask a molecular biologist how complicated a "simple" cell is, if you'd like to know.

The big bang theory also has implications, but it has an amazing amount of counter evidence. Since you probably have already stopped reading this and given it a thumbs down, I won't list it here but just google "the conservation of angular momentum" if you actually care.
guy 1: intelligent design is bullshit, it's just for retarded creationists who think the world was created by God.

guy 2: actually intelligent design states that the universe is too complex to have evolved on its own and that the world was created by someone or something, not necessarily Jesus Christ, or any god for that matter.

guy 1: you know, that's actually reasonable...
by frerebo June 22, 2009
An alternative theory to evolution for the theory of life.
Intelligent Design says that intelligence is a force that exists in the universe, like gravity, and we can see its effects in the development of life on Earth.
Contrary to what many would tell you, Intelligent Design isn't simply Creationism in disguise. It doesn't name a specific entity as the "intelligent Designer". However, the claim that ID-as Intelligent Design is often known-is the brainchild of religion has become common wisdom, and the theory has been excluded from classrooms in the name of "seperation of church and state".
Evidence for Intelligent Design:
The fossil record: The progression of species in the fossil record shows the appearance of a planned process
Irreducible complexity: Many organism parts, such as the cell and DNA, are extremely complex. The absence of just one part would render the whole structure useless. Such complex structures simply could not have been the result of natural forces.
A alternative theory to evolution for the origins of life. Intelligent Design is NOT grounded in religion. It does not name a specific entity as the "Intelligent Designer." Instead, it proposes that intelligence is a force in the universe, like gravity, and that its effects can be seen in the development of life on Earth. Unfortunately, the opponents of Intelligent Design have succeeded in convincing the government and public that the theory is religion in disguise and teaching it in public schools violates the seperation of church of state. This myth has been so ruthlessly propogated that any evidence disproving it is flagrantly ignored.
It doesn't matter whether Intelligent Design is correct or not. What does matter is that it is a true scientific theory and deserves to be taught as such, if only to break the monopoly evolution has on scientific theories for the origin of life.
by Anonymous debunker of myths July 23, 2008
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