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When you hear something that is so profound, brilliant, or novel, that it blows your mind.
Guy 1: "... and thats how the theory of evolution works."
Guy 2: "Holy shit man, I think I just had an intellectual orgasm"

Teacher: "So I was reading through these economics tests last night when I came across Sam's example of a vineyard as one of the best positive externalities. It was so brilliant I had an intellectual orgasm."
by Sam Ryan October 31, 2006
to enjoy a high- level or intelligent conversation to the maximum.
Having heard their story ,I felt an intellectual orgasm.
by PUIU June 23, 2006
Ivoluntary, and prolonged laughter after experiencing a particularly funny joke.
While I had an intellectual orgasm, I missed the rest of the dialogue to the "Political Peasant" sketch. I knew it by heart anyway...
by youdbesoluckytoknowme November 01, 2006