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One who has background knowledge about a subject and whose claims are supported facts. Those without the necessary and relevant knowledge often claim that those with knowledge are elitists.
The term intellectual elitism has arisen recently with the birth of the reactionary and racist Tea Party, but there has been a growing bias against informed, educated people since Ronald Reagan was the President of the U.S.
Fox entertainment news anchor Glenn Beck believes that everyone with more than a fifth grade education is an intellectual elitist.
by smart_citizen October 17, 2010
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One who claims to have background knowledge about a subject and is therefore more qualified in his/her opinions. Elitists generally believe they are morally superior to everyone else and their proclamations are to be accepted without reservation.

The term intellectual elitism has recently been attributed to globalists pushing for an agenda that recognizes environmental change without having prerequisite facts to support their claim. With the media attack against US President-elect Donald Trump, we see a continued progressive bias against informed, educated citizens.

An example of an intellectual elitist would be Barack Obama, or Nancy Pelosi, or perhaps Chuck Schumer.
The intellectual elitist told the audience the government was there to help.
by John Rebb March 09, 2017
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