A person who dosen't beleve in circumcising baby boys and keeping their foreskins attached to them.
Jon is an intactivist because he thinks circumcising infants is deadly.
by Super Trouper October 28, 2003
Top Definition
A person who participates in an activist group or as an individual for the rights of children to remain genitally intact retaining their foreskin the frenulum and ridged band also called Taylor's band
As an intactivist Billy fights to end medically unnecessary infant circumcision through education of the public and government.
by Graham January 03, 2004
Person who campaigns against involuntary genital cutting of boy, girl and/or intersexed babies and children.
Intactivists gather to demonstrate on the steps of the Capitol in Washington during Genital Integrity Week (end of March - beginning of April) every year.
by Hugh7 November 29, 2006
Someone who loves, honors, respects and protects the rights of the child to an intact body. Someone who sees genital mutilation -- of girls or boys -- as a contradiction to that fundamental human right.
The intactivist writes books about childhood sexual abuse in the form of genital mutilation.
by Defender of Children April 04, 2009
A misguided tool for a company that wants to sell a lot of artificial foreskins.
Intactivist - If you are circumcised you are traumatised, incomplete, mutilated and your parents are evil. Want a fake foreskin?
Circumcised guy - Cool story bro. I think I'll pass.
by SufferinSuccotash September 19, 2011

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