An anti-complement used on someone.
John just insulted me!
by Frankpug November 13, 2006
To be mean
"I shwanged your mum"
A proven cure for depression.
Think of your own.
by Detranova July 28, 2003
The nasty tail-end of a joint, so called because to offer it to someone is to insult them.
"Would you like the insult?"
by Penza March 01, 2004
A way to express yourself, in an angry way. Anorexic people sometimes say these to themselves!
Dudeman: Your ugly
Dudewomen: Your fugly
Dudeman: Your Bugly
Dudewomen: Ok.
by UB3R n00b 1337 H4x0r December 22, 2004
your reflection upon humanity
you sir are an insult upon insults of a booble on an ass

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