IND is a school that is too ghetto to be name private, but too stuck up to be named public. It is for all of the girls who can't get into a REAL PRIVATE SCHOOL in the county. The white girls either rock a bee-hive or curly hair. They form little cliques and like to come into the county and think they can run stuff. But take one away, and you have nothing. Not to mention these cliques are usually comprised of the ugliest chicks in school and mind you that not more than one at a time can get a boyfriend. The light skinned black girls think they are white when they are around Calvert Hall guys, but then they are black again when a Towson girl steps into the party. IND girls are known as easy, and sluts, and lets not forget sluts. They spread rumors behind your back and then deny them when they are confronted. They are either 5'3 or 5'11 in height. Nothing in between. The senior girls end up leaving high-school weighing around 140 but they still think they look cute.
IND girl(at party in towson): Have you heard that new bobby womack?

IND girl(at party in parkville): Have you heard that new g-g-g-g-g-unit?
by katherine May 05, 2005
Top Definition
IND is an all girls catholic highschool attended by your grandmother, mother, aunts, cousins, and sisters. No, it's not surrounded by rolling hills and beautiful trees, but within the first week of receiving your license, you've learned to parallel park in spaces just inches larger than your car. You regularly drive to the Inner Harbor for lunch and proudly wear your uniform in public.

You know that Hildie will give you a free lunch, cut you a break in detention, and give you change if you need it. You appreciate the fact that your lunch table is probably more diverse than the entire student body at other schools. You get less sleep during Spirit Week than you do during exam week and understand that no true INDian will ever wear red unless it's her class color.

Freshmen enter wearing high socks, long skirts, nametags, and tucked-in shirts; they never go down the "up only" stairs. By Senior year, your skirt has become 8 inches shorter, your name-tag has been "on order" (for the past three years), you've slept in your uniform more than once, and you're lucky to even find socks in the morning. You've also never heard of wearing make-up, shaving your legs, or brushing your hair during the week. By the time you graduate, you have fallen down the slate stairs at least once and when others fall, it's more acceptable to point and laugh than offer help.

With 100 days left, you hang your winter skirt from the slate stairs. Despite four years of complaining, you cry when you hear the final blessing on your last day; you vow to visit as an alum at the first chance you get. When you process from the Cathedral on graduation wearing matching long white gowns carrying a dozen red roses, you know you are not only leaving your class, but your family. You love your school and others will never understand.
Institute of Notre Dame:
IND is not NDP; we're in the city and proud.
by Katie S July 23, 2006
IND is an all-girls school in baltimore, maryland. It is known to be "ghetto" just because of where it's located. Inside, it is totally the opposite.(you wouldnt know until you've been inside) IND has the most awesome spirit weeks! ;) we've got stuff to be proud of like the Varsity&JV basketball team (who don't go around getting pregnant unlike other schools out there...)Other sports that IND rock at are soccer, lacrosse, cheerleading, track, and MANY more.
There are many rumors about the school, but the people that actually make up those rumors are just jealous because they know IND is way better and they've got nothing better to do.
And yes, IND is A REAL PRIVATE SCHOOL. Obviously, whoever said that does not know IND at all. Education is the most important part of IND. And 99% of the girls get into great colleges all around the U.S. and they use their education from IND to their benefit.
All around, IND is a great high school that people should get to know before believing the rumors. (or making up any)
((example is unnecessary))
by Dancin' Diva May 06, 2005
IND- I Need Dick.

Well, their abbreviation pretty much explains everything about the school. There ya go. Girls who go to IND are ghetto fatasses that didn't get accepted to Mercy or Maryvale. They're pretty cheap too. And the hallways are very narrow too. You can only fit one girl at a time on the steps because they're pretty chubby. 98% of the girls have reached teen obesity. Not to mention, that's where WEASELS go.
Dude: you go to Institute of Notre Dame (IND) don't you?
girl: H3!! y3@h!!; h0w y0U kn0w?
Dude: Because you have stretch marks on your chin. and on your thighs... not to mention, you're ugly too.
Girl: b0i! y0u g0+ t0 u$3 $m@!!3r w0rdZ !!!!
by waterbottles098 December 11, 2010

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