When you see a status on Facebook, and you like it within one minute of its posting. Can be conjoined with megalike to form the megainstalike.
John Doe - I like pooping.
Jane Doe - omg hahah *instalike*
by poobicus October 25, 2010
When you post something on someone's Facebook wall or picture and they instantly like it.
Alex: i just commented on her picture...she already liked it

Crowd of 1000 people: BITCH JUST INSTA-LIKED it!
by l Eat Rocks April 17, 2011
The act of receiving, or giving, a Facebook 'like' instantly after posting a comment or status update.
(12:30) Dan: "Keep your pimp hand strong"
(12:30:05) Cody: *like*
(12:32) Dan: (to himself) "Ah, an instalike. Nice."
by Big C My Friends May 08, 2011

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