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a person addicted to sleep deprevation or a person who stays up late for no apparent reason. particularly those who have trained themselves to operate rather efficiently on minimum hours of sleep.

(This excludes college students who rigorously study for their finals until 4:00 a.m.)
I'm turning into a total insomniaddict. I watch Ferris Bueller's Day Off over and over every night instead of getting sleep.
by ktv September 19, 2007
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3 definitions either you are unable to sleep because you do drugs like meth and speed or you cannot sleep until you smoke a blunt or you have FFI a rare and horrifing disease where you don't get R.E.M.
An example: I am a Insomniaddict I defined this word at 415 in the morning cuz it took this long to pick up a blunt sack. I know sucks right?
by hoodexperience May 31, 2010

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