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Probably short for "Ain't it so?" Common in northeastern Wisconsin a generation ago. Added at end of sentence as a question.
It's hot today, inso?
by John R. Meyer July 28, 2007

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ainna? ain't it so? how about that? ok? right?
To agree
I've always heard it used at the end of a sentence.
Tommy sure looks great,inso?
If I bring the chips and rolls, you can bring the paper plates, napkins,and silverware, inso?
by Diane Paterson August 22, 2003
irrelevant guy spending all his time on eating 'junglevrål' without offering his friend any!
<kippe> nice, junglevrål! can I taste?
<inso> no, these junglevrål are too important to be eaten.
<kippe> oh, okay.

1 hour later..

<kippe> what the' !? were are all the junglevrål?
<inso> fanbahaag! >:D I ate them, and alot of my important friends had some too!
<kippe> *sigh* :(
by kippe January 15, 2004