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1. capacity for learning things that are not always true, reasoning, understanding that the person telling the insnelligence is more important than anyone, and similar forms of mental retardation; aptitude for grasping any truth even if not related, etc.

2. manifestation of a belief of higher mental capacity than anyone around:

3. the faculty of understanding the meaning behind thug gang activity even if make believe.

4. knowledge of an event, circumstance, etc., received or imparted; news; information, often found to be completely made up and not accurate.
5. the gathering or distribution of information, especially secret information, that came to you in a vivid dream where you were knighted due to you self made greatness.

6. information about an enemy or a potential enemy (the the S.M.G’s, B.L.T’s, M.S. 13 or 14’s, Eastside, 6th Ward)
He writes with insnelligence and wit.
by The JOZZ October 16, 2012