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to suggest or hint slyly (generally with a flirtatious undertone) indirectly about a person, thing or situation

to insinuate with a splash of innuendo
Jane: I'm thinking about heading out after this beer
John: Oh really, where you heading
Jane: Either my place or yours
John: Oh, how do you know where i live?
Jane: I thought you could show me

(obviously, John isn't picking up on the insinuendo that Jane is putting forward)
by CallMeKate December 31, 2009
A combination of the words "innuendo" and "insinuation"

Most commonly used in a sexual reference.
When a comment or joke can be taken sexually, or as a sexual innuendo.
"That's what she said..."
"Stop with the insinuendos!"

An example of an insinuendo:

"Ooh! Do me next!"

by Rachel Lea Floyd June 10, 2007
between an insinuation and an innuendo
He spread a malignant insinuendo that his co-worker was boffing their boss.
by SplashBodeen May 28, 2008
insinuating innuendo
If you are insinuating a sexual innuendo, that could be considered an insinuendo.
by autumnballz February 14, 2010
A word explaining the combination of insinuations and insinuendo. A possibly lewd insinuendo. A nod to whatever.
Unfortunetly, Brad being the rude arse that he was, found it necessary to comment about every tryst he had ever had as a bleak, common, college student, making insinuendoes about each encounter, ignoring the fact that his only liason had been with his hand.
by The One Who Smiteth June 19, 2006