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An inselberg is an unattractive, creepy, horny teenage boy who will blatantly ask a girl for nudes or to have intercourse with him. He always fantasizes about fucking girls that are way out of his league. He always sends suggestive pictures to girls on his "hit list". An Inselberg will also creepily stare at girls and make awkward conversations and repeatedly touch them. An Inselberg will also give girls rides home with intentions of getting road head, or ask to take them somewhere disclosed in the hopes of getting laid. Despite and inselbergs efforts, he will not succeed as he is an ugly ass fucker and has no friend becuase of his creepy actions towards women.
Joe "that kids such an Inselberg"
Frank "yeah did you hear about the snapchats he sent to Megan?"
Joe: "yeah he's probably gonna try to rape her with his tiny dick"
by Slayerboy97 January 31, 2014
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