Insane Clown Posse are two very talented MUSICIANS... I say musicians because they have a genre all to their own.. they aren't rap, horrorcore, metal, etc. They also created their own record label Psychopathic Records in which various other groups (Twiztid, ABK, Boondox the newest addition and numerous others) are signed to. Anyone who hates it can call it crap if you wish but you must also take into condsideration that you are a nobody in the big picture. If you do not like them that is your choice but forcing your opinions on people is not acceptable. If you actually knew two cents worth of shit about them, you would see that you are completely wrong, but you can continue on with being a douche bag if you wish. Also, who cares what they look like? Appearances mean nothing and your ridicule only shows that when people have no legitimate arguement they resort to superficial insults. This is America and all you non-fans have the right to speak however you wish of them freely but once you interfere with someone else's happiness you lose your right to speak so I advise you shut the hell up.

Thank You
Insane Clown Posse are two musicians that don't give a fuck how you feel about them and have had more success having fun all the time and doing something that they love than you could ever dream of.
by Adamgu September 14, 2006
The O.Gs of psychopathic(which is probably the closest recording studio ever, due to the fact that they are not offing each other in record numbers)BUT before reading this i suggest reading J Dizzles "definition" For one I will not list some of what he probably listens to because its not the way of the juggalo, he can listen to what he wants and i will not judge him for it, however i will judge him as one of the most ignorant people i have ever had the misfortune of reading a definition from. I guess i will quit running on for now and begin my definition
FIRST. as many have pointed out yes they are one of the most hated bands, but they are hated by mostly the mainstream fans, they dont rely on them to approve their music, they could care less of what people think, and if you question this I suggest you listen to Juggalo Family, it will explain this to you. ICP is one of the most original bands ive ever heard, and if you want to fit in with the rest of the rappers or whatever feel free. If you listen to the lyrics of icp and ignore the cussing and unusual beats(which i am a huge fan of) they make alot of sense.
Being that they are self made millionaires and you(J Dizzle) are probably the thirteen year old wannabe, leaves me to believe they are not wannabes.
I will not go into details on the meaning of the six cards and the dark carnival because half of the other definitons on here attempted that, and if there definitions dont help you, i dont know what will
IN CLOSING i have two things to say
1.icp will not give a fuck that you attempt to diss them, because for one you didnt do a very good job of it, all your "disses" were lame ass gay and wannabe jokes, you obviously dont know anything about icp, and two your just another mainstream "tag along"
2. if you are a real juggalo and you surround yourself with real juggalos they are closer than any family youve ever had and there will always be a juggalo to get your back in hard times, that being said, I would love for this J Dizzle character to attempt to shoot and spit and piss and whatever else to J and Shaggy or for that matter any real juggalo and see how far he get before an axe severs his head

" Say what you will of me, Ill always have juggalo family"
J Dizzle: man these icp guys are a couple of wannabe gay ass pussies
His mom: when are you movin out? your almost thirty and you sit around on my computer and expect me to buy your ecko and southpole while you attempt to diss the insane clown posse
J Dizzle: man these icp guys are a couple of wannabe gay ass pussies
Me: (slapping the fuck out of J Dizzle) maybe you should learn WTF you are talking about before you open your mouth to a juggalo
J Dizzle: (peeling his head out of the concrete)yes sir im very sorry and ill think twice before talkin shit to the wrong people
by Juggalo Freakshow January 23, 2007
1. a hardcore/metal rap group that rap about how they feel not giving a flying fuck who cares. they call psychopathic records (their company, along with twiztid and others) because the lotus is the only flower that grows during the night, which represents them not depending on mainstream media to publish their "hits", so they grow in the dark aka the underground. born in detroit and proud of it, and always reppin faygo.

2. the group everyone has heard of but only a select few listen to

3. the second name to a metal/hardcore rap group called icp originally standing for inner city posse, as in detroit

4. they are called insane clown posse because violent J does seriously have a mental condition

5. see icp
1. "Fuck critics, fuck your review, Even if you like me, fuck you, Fuck your mom, fuck your mom's momma, Fuck the Beastie Boys and the Dali Llama" -icp song: fuck the world

jack: hey have u heard of icp?
joe: yeah
jack: name a song
joe: ive heard OF them
jack: loser

joe: have u heard of icp?
bill: inner city posse?
joe: huh? u mean insane clown?
bill: thats their new name idiot

bill: dude!
jack: what?
bill: violent jay seriously is crazy!!
jack: WHOA

5. icp
by morning wood March 12, 2005
origionally called inner city posse in the 80s'. most critized & most hated band of the century. know for their face paint, spraying crowds with Faygo & guys who really dont care what you think. they along with twiztid had one commercial on mtv. PARENTS WORST NIGHTMARE COME TRUE
im on myspace videos watching insane clown posse "bowling balls" when mom turns around and see shaggy spilting some jocks throat.

mom:what the hell are you watching?
me: a video

mom walks over and demands to see the whole video. so i do and she freaks!! she goes on about thats gross and i was raised better than that
by deaver April 11, 2007
Insane Clown Posse: The World's Most Hated Band...yet they are one of the most talented and down to earth, and they have a great perspective of life and reality...they tell it like it is.

Insane Clown Posse is one of the greatest groups to hit the musical scene. They are very talented in seeing what is real in flie and writing lyrics about it. Although they cuss and have violent tendencies in their music, people need to realize that the reason for that is to grab the attention of the listener. It's music unlike any other. ICP is all about God, and making the world a better place. They want all racism, discrimination, brutality, and hating to come to an end. And to all of you clown hating biggots----fuck you! you dont know shit about what they are about and you need to keep your dumb ass hating comments to yourself because there is an entire juggalo family out there that will hold you to your word and straighten you up if you hate. It's all about being real and knowing what reality is really like.
by TIAUNA ...AKA T~MAMA_2_DOPE! September 28, 2006
The only good "rap" Group. most songs are either about horror or are Funny as hell.Most people hate them because They dont like the explict Lyrics or They think its just stupid.Or They only like crappy Rap groups..That whine about small things.OR theyre just scared of clowns...
I'm kind of fat and I sweat alot, but thats the only bad quiky things that I got.
That, and maybe the whole murdering aspect, but we aint even really got to that yet.
I love people, (yes) I love everything about them, And thats why I gotta live life without them. (huh?)
I know it don't make any sense to you, but fuck you, this song is about me, exclusively.
Murder, Murderous, Murderation, A murdering mentality without an explination.
I'm Mr. Happy and I ride a bike (ching!), I aint got a seat, I just sit on the pipe thing.
I'll whistle, I sing, I'll pet your poodle. (Come here) I'll twist andsqueeze your neck like a wet noodle.
Cause I'm so happy I'll stab your ass, and lay down next to you, dead on the grass,
And say: "Oh it feels so good, every time I murder I get happy!!"
by EatWAFFLES April 01, 2005
I.C.P.-Insane clown posse. You people(notice i said people, not stupid fucks or idiots) that love to hate on the Juggalo/Juggalette population are cowards. You are ten feet tall and bullet proof behind a computer sceen. But come meet me and my Juggalo Homies face to face(yes i'm down 4 life but i take my paint off, cuz i aint afraid to face the world.) and we'll see what's up.Cuz for the most part not every Juggalo is 12. We would seriously put a fuckin' hatchet in your forehead and crack your damn skull. ICP is only telling a story, of a hard fuckin' life with no hope, but somehow, somewhere that all changed, and if you are one of those richy rich bitch ass mother fuckers, who got everything handed to you, Then that bitch is why you don't like ICP, unlike us who have had and led some of the most fucked-up lives, We know whats its like to have or start with nothing.And if ICP sucks so bad why in the hell would they be tight with 3-6-Mafia,Teck-9,KMK(Kotten Mouth Kings, For those who don't know),Esham,and many others, they are tight with these rappers so that shows there they aint racists,any talk all the shit you want on ICP and the Juggalo Nation on your pc, but when you grow some balls,look me up and face to face tell me we suck, 2 things will happen, u die,and i go to jail. Clown Love Motha Fako.
Some Hater: Insane Clown Posse is so fuckin' Gay.
Juggalo: You're stupid, don't gay mean happy.

To me icp looks pretty fuckin' happy and filthy rich too.

We(the Juggalos) dont hate on your artist,we just turn the other cheek, its that easy.
by Juggalo JT October 04, 2006

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