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A rap duo born on the outskerts of Detroit that later moved into Detroit. Joe Bruce (Violent J) and Joey Utsler (Shaggy 2 Dope) met in a Detroit public school and in their early years decided to start rapping since that was the music they liked. They formed a rap group called the J.J. Boys which consisted of 3 members, Joe Bruce (Violent J) Joey Utsler (Shaggy 2 Dope), and the 3rd member cannot be determined for sure. They sold their songs only on the streets and didn't make too much money but were earning respect from other Detroit groups. Later on the 3rd member left the group because they weren't going anywhere at the time. They then formed a gang of 20 street hoods that were called Inner City Posse. They were involved in driveby's and fights consistently. The gang gradually broke appart and no one knows what happened to 17 of the members of the Inner City Posse. Those 17 members are still to this day labeled by the Detroit state police as missing or dead. the only 3 members left or known of are Joey Utsler, Joe Bruce, and John Utsler (Joey's Brother). After all the drama had set aside they formed another rap group that consisted of Joey Utler (Shaggy 2 Dope) Joe Bruce (Violent J) and John Utsler (Joey's Brother). That rap group was named after their previous gang (Inner City Posse). They released 2 albums that no one knows the title of and 3 other that were entitled Bassment-Cuts, Intelligence and Violence, and Dog Beats. "Dog beats" was the only succesful album from the Inner City Posse that sold out of the city of Detroit. After their minor success of that album, Joe Bruce (Violent J) had a vision of a "Dark Carnival" that sent him a message that to this day is not completely understandable (unless you are Joe Bruce) But what we do know of the message that was sent to Joe Bruce (Violent J) was that he was supposed to deliver the message of the "Dark Carnival" to the people that would listen. The message was revealed in the final song "Thy Unveiling" on the album "The Wraith:Shangri-La" But I won't get to ahead of myself here. After he was visited by the "Dark Carnival" he decided since the message was in a "carnival" form that he respect the "Dark Carnival" and wear clown paint. After hearing about the message, Joey Utsler (Shaggy 2 Dope was all for the carnival look. But, John Utsler (Joey's brother) wasn't feeling the carnival vibe and later split from the group. Him spliting from the group was the best thing that could happen to the ICP at the time but at first they didn't see that. Months passed and Joe and Joey decided to re-name the group the "Insane Clown Posse" They then released in 1992 their debut album the "Carnival of Carnage", the first of the Jokers Cards. Before the release Joe (Violent J) told everyone that their were going to be 6 Jokers Cards (albums) that told the story of the "Dark Carnival" The Carnival of Carnage had special guests such as Kid Rock (who was just in it for the money) Jumpsteady (Violent J's brother) Capitol E (local Detroit rapper and friend), and Esham (the man that set the ICP on their way to success) And one day Violent J said in an interview that if it wasn't for Esham their is no way he would have put on clown paint and jumped on stage in front of people. After their success with the Carnival of Carnage the ICP released 5 more Jokers Cards and other LP's and some EP's to go along with them. Later released in 1993 the second Jokers Card was "The Ringmaster", one of the most favorited albums (just ask any juggalo) They had a little more success on this album and also changed the style of their face paint. Then in 1995 the 3rd Joker's Card was released, "The Riddlebox" that is certified by the RIA as Gold. They added a little darker sound in the album and it consisted of one of their biggest songs, "Chicken Huntin" Then in 1997 they released the forth installment of the Joker's Cards, "The Great Milenko" It is their best selling album to date. They have went double platinum with this album. This album had a different sound to it than the others did. They had Slash (Guns N Roses) play guitar for this album. Then in 1999 they released antoher big hit, the 5th Joker's Card "The Amazing Jeckel Brothers" It went platinum just like "The Great Milenko" It is the second most successful album to date. They had special guests such as Snoop Dogg, and Ol' Dirty Bastard. Then in November of 2002, ten years after the release of the 1st Joker's Card (Carnival of Carnage)they released the most anticipated album of their career, the 6th and final Jokers Card which revealed the message they were sending to the people who would listen. They said they were going to be 2 sides to the "The Wraith" which were "Shagri-La" and "Hells Pit." "The Wraith Shagri-La" revealed the message that they follow God. It came as shock to some "juggalos" but to others it was just a simple, I told you so. It was the 2nd most pre-ordered album ever from any artist. But, to some fans it was a let down, to others it was okay, and to some it was the best Joker's Card. It also consisted of their most famous song to date, "Homies" It is the most controversial album of their career. The reason it was a let down to so many juggalos is because, it wasn't up to par with what they were capable of. The main factor to why it wasn't as good as the rest is because they had a feud with Mike E. Clark (producer and D.J.) and told him that they would release the album without his help. And if you read the booklet in "The Riddle Box" album you will see that it says that if they didn't have Mike E. Clark that their music would sound like someone shoved a microphone up their ass and walked down the stairs making farting noises. And to some fans, they thought it was just that. After 4 to 5 years they started working with Mike E. Clark again and are still releasing albums to this date.

If I messed up any information then I'm sorry. And to you haters out their, quit wasting your time with us. If we are so worthless then why bother with us? Yes I'm a scrub, I'm white trash, but at least I'm happy and I don't have to hate and judge something I know nothing about.
Two rappers from Detroit who have been ridiculed and judged by the mainstream ever since they became the Insane Clown Posse. They have been hated on, laughed at, judged, and are still successful and still not caring what anyone has to say.
by WickedNinja13 November 30, 2007
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Stupid ass faggot 'rappers' who paint their faces like clowns and think their the shit for cussing in every sentence of their shittily written songs . I hope all the juggalos die and go to their fucking retarded clown heaven sucking clown dick. ICP is the stupidest group to ever get signed. And the followers are fucking ridiculous crazy people who want to kill everyone who's sane and hates this group. What the fuck has the world come to.
"yo, man, i'm a fucking dope ass dude who listens to insane clown posse."
by afljkjsdfjaosdgja May 01, 2010
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hiphop for white trash

see shit
take bad rap, take any redeeming qualities about it, remove those qualities, show a trailer park instead of a ghetto, replace bling with trash and facepaint, and you have the Insane Clown Posse
by dontlookatmypurtymouth September 24, 2010
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Pricks pricks pricks. A duo of two rednecks tryin to rap, (notice the tryin) and wanting soooo much to be black yet they're white like me so they cover up their ugly faces with paint. They also used to wrestlers (cue gay joke). I can honmestly say they are the worst music I've ever heard that is sold as rap. ICP are gya, fucked up retards who should stick in metal where they belong and stay the fuck away from hip-hop. These pricks alos shot to pDJ Tim westwood. Oooh the big bad clowns have found daddy's gun...naughty clown!
Yours sincerley,
chief anti-fake
icp are actual faggots who should die sooner rather than later.
by alter ego March 15, 2005
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Who are they? Musicians? No, musicians make music.
Guy 1: What is Insane Clown Posse?
Guy 2: No one.
by Skitzophrenic December 11, 2012
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A WORTHLESS, absolutely TALENTLESS rap group who wear clown makeup. Them and their piece of shit fans are all obsessed with faygo, a Detroit based off-brand soda for some stupid fucking reason. Their lyrics don't rhyme, even though rap is supposed to rhyme, they are fat sweaty grease balls, and wish that they were black. Any person who actually enjoys their music or them is a non-educated, worthless piece of white trash who deserves to be curb stomped then skinned alive. I HONESTLY do hope that these talentless shitbats die in excrutiating pain after their tour bus runs off of a cliff. I hope I didn't use too big of words for the ICP fans that are reading this so they can comprehend what I am telling them about their fat fucking dickless heroes.
by The Real Info Provider March 17, 2012
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A so-called "music group" bereft of all culture. They are quite possibly the lamest pseudo-rappers in all of history.
Henry: I like Insane Clown Posse.

Terrence: Kill yourself.
by Clyde2001 July 03, 2011
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