A bunch of hardcore ghetto clowns who are insane, and they rap about violence and Santa Claus. Seriously who the fuck gave these losers a contract? They can't rap, their songs have too many curses in them obviously to enhance their "baditude", their lyrics are written by retarded 5 year old monkeys, and they have a cult following of Juggalosers.
person: I love the ICP

person2: You mean the idiot crap penissuckers?

person: NO!! The insane clown posse!

person2: Whats the difference?
by Mr. Zimpy November 23, 2009
A "rap" group whose raps consist mainly of curse words. They have a cult following, almost religious like, called Juggalos/Juggalettes/Juggahoes who believe when they die they will go to "Shangri-La," a ficticious place that nobody normal would even want to go to because it would be defiled with a bunch of 13 year old kids whose brains can't comprehend more than the word "fuck."
13 year old kid: Insane Clown Posse. Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck, fuck. Fuck fuck, fuck fuck fuck. Fuck. FUCK! Fuck fuck fuck.
12.5 year old kid: Fuck fuck, fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck.
by robart the gr8 March 08, 2006
A group whose members are pathetic, deranged, and out of touch with reality. They are impressionable enough that a couple of dimwitted sellouts (the Insane Clown Posse) are able to confuse them. Such confusion has typically led to violence, murder, and other heinous acts. Recently, a juggalo (Insane Clown Posse fan) murdered an innocent family and continued to remain in their presence to the extent that he "smelled like dead bodies." This is not cool. The members of this group should be publicly ridiculed and do not deserve protection under the law. There ought to be a public mandate stating that "all those associated with these murdering false prophets (ICP) should be given one chance at redemption before being arrested for associating with terrorists." Constitutional rights protect someones freedom of speech to the extent that it does not infringe on someone elses rights. The Insane Clown Posse's intentions may not be apparent (though they should be) but the end result is a group of blind followers who devalue personal safety, human life, and education.
How many lives must we lose before we realize that the association with this group is dangerous? Even though the few do not speak for the many all fans of this musical group should realize that their association with these murderers is grounds for being called "fags" "idiots" or "losers." Insane Clown Posse is not talented enough to be making such a negative impact. Hitler was atleast good enough at public speaking that he was able to gain a bigger following. These losers who dress up as clowns deserve to meet with the "iron fist" of justice.
by TheApparentTruth November 21, 2009
A couple of talentless retards who 'rap' about unnecessarily violent and disturbing things. Personally, I think they should be shut down because they fucking suck ass and probably have the IQ of a homeless mentally ill crackhead black man. Their followers, 'juggalos and juggalettes', are incredibly annoying because all they do is run their giant retard mouths about how they'll fuck anyone up who messes with their 'family.' They are typically overweight suburbanites who pretend to be tough and hardcore.
Actual sample of Insane Clown Posse lyrics:

"yeah, maybe I can stand a little Conway Twitty while I'm sucking on redneck titty."

-the lyrical masterpeice, "Redneck Hoe"
by antijuggalo October 24, 2008
A band that has such great hits as

-Slim Anus (doesn't really make since to diss somebody by saying their ass is tight)

-Rainbows and Stuff

-We Gives No Fucks

And don't forget they were mentioned by rap superstar Eminem who would own the fuck out of ICP any day in a rap battle.
Plus I was put here to put fear in faggots who spray Faygo Root Beer and call themselves "Clowns" cause they look queer Faggot2Dope and Silent Gay Claimin Detroit, when y'all live twenty miles away And I don't wrestle, I'll knock you fuckin faggots the fuck out Ask 'em about the club they was at when they snuck out after they ducked out the back when they saw us and bugged out Ducked down and got paintballs shot at they truck, blaow! Look at y'all runnin your mouth again when you ain't seen a fuckin Mile Road, South of 10 And I don't need help, from D-12, to beat up two females in make-up, who may try to scratch me with Lee Nails "Slim Anus," you damn right, Slim Anus I don't get fucked in mine like you two little flaming faggots

Insane Clown Posse blows!!!!!
by Teeta July 10, 2008
A Group of mentally challenged "rappers"
They have "followers" juggalos or jaggalettes
they worship these people, for what reason? who knows.
But in ICP's song "what is a jaggalo" it seems like
they are low life people and they really have no
Respect for themselves. I don't see why they are proud
to be called such things.


hahaha righttt you gotta be kidding me.
Insane Clown Posse -
They have a mating/tribe call of some sort.
They think they are black...
They have a obsession with Connect Four.
They need a life.
by ew, ICP? November 08, 2005
A group of faggots that think they're the shit/are practically a father figure to pussies and douchebags everywhere. Nobody but white trash and even dumber faggots like them. They have no musical talent whatsoever, and the group of people that DON'T like them are bigger than the group of people who DO.
ICP fan 1: I'm a total faggot and i suck so much dick i lost my gag reflex. but it's okay because i listen to insane clown posse. why does everyone hate on us?

ICP fan 2: yeah I'm a total homo too and i take so much dick up the butt i'm numb from the waste down. and I think it's cause we're gay

Everyone else on earth: we hate on you because you're something you will never see: pussies.
by Anonymous1231231 July 29, 2009
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