A great rap group that are probably considered the most hated rap group ever, which dosn't effect them at all, since time and time again they come out with great music and the're lyrics are funny as hell. The two members of the group are Violent J and Shaggy2dope, who grew up gangbangers and are now Self-made millionaires. Often the people who hate them, hate them for the stupidest reasons (i.e. OMG, They wannabes!1!!1) If they were wannabes, why don't they have anything gangsta? I mean there clowns that sing rap, how is that trying to be gangsta?
Normal Person: The ICP has cool music.
n00b: they be GaNgSta!!11!!Shift+1!!!1111
Normal Person:...
by The True Spikes July 10, 2005
-N- A rap group from the city of Detroit.Band members consist of Shaggy 2 Dope and Violent J.Most famous for their fan base and Live show.Most people dislike this band due to their lyrics being dubed "Childish"and"Rude" But, Underneath the jokes serrious issues are discussed I.E Abuse(Halls of Illusion) Etc.

-Syn-ICP,IcP,Insane "Clownz" Posse,Gwars Rap Cousine
-Negative SYNs- Insane cuwnz pusy,ianse clownz posse , Insane clown pussys, The crap band,THIS IS NOT AVRIL LAVIGNE THIS SucKS .
-Possitive Syns-NOT YELLOWCARD,It's better than avril lavigne
In the live show I was doused with a lot of Faygo
by The Truth March 18, 2005
A very talented rap duo that, along with Esham, helped put acid/horrorcore rap on the map. Though they have a considerably well-established fan base(especially considering they had very little outside help), they are often shunned for shallow reasons(i.e. their facepaint.) Quite often, the people that dislike them for reasons such as this will resort to lame, childish gay sex jokes in an attempt to insult them(such as in the other definitions seen here.) Though often not liked by the industry, their music is full of talent and very original. It is a mixture of many styles of rap/hip-hop, metal and a small amount of rock.
Wicked clowns will never die!
by Psychosomatic December 04, 2004
a duo of rappers who were face paint,good music,the third largest wrestling busness,hundreds of hit songs,a massive global fanbase comprised of every race and monetary status,and they promote their own stuff still now tell me who else has ever done that
and to you haters and juggalo halacaust supporters thats right i know you readin this well like the lotus/insane clown posse says i'ma be a juggalo till my dyin breath well for etenaty mutha fackoo
by pskytzo(benmanley@yahoo.com) January 16, 2009
HORRORCORE group consisting of Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope. Most hated music group in the world, and does not care. Because they arn't on the radio, MTV, or on television, haters of this group usually only hear about two songs, and we all know if you hear two songs of ICP, that means you can judge there music.

Mostly though, when haters arn't hating of there music or Juggalos, they hate on the members. Most people don't know there names (Yet they can judge there music?) and only know them as the fat one and the wigger one. They call them retarded and such and claim that they have created a cult with there music. Claimeing that if you buy there records you will go to their heaven. Just like everything else, this is completely untrue. If they had a clue about what they were talking about, they'd know shangri'la is what juggalos want in the future for the world. No hate, no racism, nothing that ICP had to go through when they were two white boys in the ghetto of Detroit. They never claimed it is a place Juggalos go to after they die, that's just stupid. Also, haters talk about how juggalos take J's dream seriesly. That is completely retarded.

ICP's music has been described as "gay", "retarded",and "stupid". True, they do use violence and cuss words to draw attention to there music, but if you look at what there saying and not at the cuss words you would know its not all trash. Like in halls of illusians, it talks about how a drunk guy beats up his children and wife. Then J talks about how he'll fuck that guy up if he does it again. They can use all the cuss words if they want as long as they address the issue.

The whole basis of there albums is like a carnival entitie who has powers and such. The Great Milenko for one can show you all the wonders of how great the world can be, but first you have to look at the REAL world. So the music video for Halls of Illusians is a carnival ride where you see how it should be and what it really is. The Music Video for Bowling Balls is J in a basemant where he stores trophys of peoples heads, this was for Hells pitt and it basicly shows how the world is an evil place. After that they relised Shangri'la, showing that things are going to get better.

So all in all, ICP's a great band. You can argue all you want, I like ICP, and no hater is going to change my mind.
Example of Insane Clown Posse hater

"Pricks pricks pricks. A duo of two rednecks(IF HE HAD HEARED AN ICP SONG HE WOULD KNOW THAT IN THERE SONGS THEY ARE AGAINTS REDNECKS, RACISTS, AND STEAREOTYPES THAT YOU USE) tryin to rap, (RAP? OBVIOSLY NEVER HEARD MANY ICP SONGS) and wanting soooo much to be black yet they're white like me so they cover up their ugly faces with paint(AGAIN, OBVIOULSY NEVER HEARD MANY OF THERE SONGS. THIS ISN'T EMINEM HERE). They also used to wrestlers (USED TO BE? THEY STILL ARE. OBVIOUSLY DOSN'T KNOW SHIT ABOUT ICP). I can honmestly say they are the worst music I've ever heard (HIS OPINION. I WON'T JUMP ON THAT) that is sold as rap. ICP are gya (IMMATURE GAY JOKE), fucked up retards who should stick in metal where they belong and stay the fuck away from hip-hop (THEY DO STAY AWAY FROM HIP-HOP. IT'S HORRORCORE YOU IDIOT). These pricks alos shot to pDJ Tim westwood (...WHAT?). Oooh the big bad clowns have found daddy's gun...naughty clown (...WHAT?)!
Yours sincerley,
chief anti-fake

by Spikesy June 28, 2006
The only band worth representin
if u aint down wit the clown get out my face bytch.
by Juggalette4life January 18, 2005
A rap band seeming absolutely hilarious. Better then eminem who tries to hard and tries to be black. But ICP on the other hand are pure talent from the head of their intellectualy minded things. Recomended song, Hokus Pokus.
ICP: Eminem sucks balls.
Eminem: Hello I'm eminem I suck balls and dick lick anus and I really love being black.
by Masumune_date May 04, 2005

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