A "rap" group whos fanbase consists of 5th graders with down syndrome. If you read their lyrics,you can see that they have no talent what so ever. For instance,if you were to read some of Eminem's lyrics you could tell that he at least attempts to rhyme and delivers it good. ICP on the other hand have both horrible lyrics and hardly make them soundgood.

I quote:

"Night Of The Axe"

Shit, I can't fucking take this
All this fucking pressure, I'm dying
Make me go motherfucking crazy
I got all these motherfuckers
Every where I go
They gonna come down on me

If you look,that doesnt even rhyme.
Why people actually listen to these idiots is beyond me.

Also "Shaggy 2 Dope" doesnt write his own lyrics.

If you would like to troll them like I do,you can do some of the following.

"Eminem is hot"
"shaggy doesnt write his own lyrics."
"faygo sucks"

Be creative,make your own.

Oh I forgot to add, these fucktards aparently created their own branches of heaven and hell. Shangri-la being reserved for the true juggalos.

Below is a conversation I have actually taken from one of my trollings.

P.s. If you look you can tell that aparently their vocabulary is mainly composed of the words "Redneck" "Mother" "Fucker" and "Faggot".
Wicked Clown RJ: u little faggot ass mother fucker
Me: plx dont hurt meh
Wicked Clown RJ: what the fuck is wrong wit u are u retarded or are u just one dumb ass mother fucker
Me:www.teletorrents.org for free porn.
yes im retarded.
Wicked Clown RJ: look faggot stop sendin me e-mails bfore i take a rode trip and kick ur ass u stupid faggot ass mother fucker.
Me: rly?
Wicked Clown RJ: yes really u redneck mother fucker

by Hawk Koski July 01, 2006
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A Group of mentally challenged "rappers"
They have "followers" juggalos or jaggalettes
they worship these people, for what reason? who knows.
But in ICP's song "what is a jaggalo" it seems like
they are low life people and they really have no
Respect for themselves. I don't see why they are proud
to be called such things.


hahaha righttt you gotta be kidding me.
Insane Clown Posse -
They have a mating/tribe call of some sort.
They think they are black...
They have a obsession with Connect Four.
They need a life.
by ew, ICP? November 08, 2005
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fuckin cracka ass rockerz that think they can rhyme. the fuckin homos should change the name from insane clown posse to insane clown pussies
guy 1: who iz insane clown posse?
guy 2: fuckin cum sippin fags that love hard dick
by Leeharveyoswald April 30, 2007
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a group of clowns who think they can rap/sing so they tell there fans to hate what they hate.
my life has no meaning, so i think i'll buy an ICP album
by pete December 15, 2003
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An incredibly talented musical group with the utmost amazing instrument playing abilities known to mankind. ICP, otherwise known as Insane Clown Posse, are the peak of this modern day civilization as we know it. ICP is known for dressing up as sadistic, mentally unstable clowns who enjoy vibrating their vocal chords about the following ideas, beliefs, and opinions, but are NOT limited to: head lice in one's arm pits, cutting bigots spinal cords in half (who doesn't want to do THAT now?), general distaste and negative angst toward the police department in general, the boogie man, and many many more very interesting and thought provoking topics.
Upon the first time hearing ICP I was immediately impressed by their captivating use of the English language. Explaining to me how AND why they planned on killing a police officer kept me entertained for hours. If you really do take a look deep down into ICP's lyrics you will find just more and more intelligent ideas that would greatly improve the world today.
Albert: Hey Fred, Have you ever heard of the band, "ICP?".
Fred: Oh, insane clown posse? Yeah, I heard they were a bunch of wankers quite frankly..
Albert: You heard wrong friend! These people are the cream of the crop! They are the height of intellectuality this world has ever and will ever see! They're a godsend!
Fred: Thanks for clearing my mind and saving me from damnation Albert! I'll be off now to listen to this excellent band and draw pictures of a man running with an axe on all my binders!
Albert: Splendid!
by Perriwinkle June 10, 2006
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Stupid ass faggot 'rappers' who paint their faces like clowns and think their the shit for cussing in every sentence of their shittily written songs . I hope all the juggalos die and go to their fucking retarded clown heaven sucking clown dick. ICP is the stupidest group to ever get signed. And the followers are fucking ridiculous crazy people who want to kill everyone who's sane and hates this group. What the fuck has the world come to.
"yo, man, i'm a fucking dope ass dude who listens to insane clown posse."
by afljkjsdfjaosdgja May 01, 2010
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intentionally making the worst rap songs possible. There songs have no meaning and they just rant on about pointless random crape. One of the members names shaggy 2 dope bahhhhhh die die die.
Example of icp song stir-rate fom da hud shaygy 17'th dow-pah 123 times 2 to the six get your fix of the limp biskit mix: I threw a baseball at your face jumped on your balls-spit in your eye then gouged your crotch out, I flattened your sisters face with a bludgeoning iron then sat and threw her with my magic stick, I fucked you up I shagged you with my magic stick.
by icp April 20, 2005
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