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A vulva (pussy) that has labia minora (inner lips) and clitoral hood that are hidden by the labia majora (outer lips) when the legs are closed. This is in contrast to an outy.
My girlfriend has the prettiest inny pussy I have ever had the pleasure of toying with.
by Brent Lewis July 31, 2006
members of the in crowd
that Amy Winehouse is a role model for the innys as she is the patron saint of innys and publisher of the weekly ketcast. voted most successful ket whore ever.
The best warlock on the Area 52 server. You can find her endlessly searching for a Time Lost Proto-Drake. She is also a whorelock in the city of Dalaran.
"Inny loves gnomelocks."
by sillywillybillyforshillydilly August 13, 2009
the term used to desribe an inversion of the penis due to an extremley sexually unnattractive stimulus.
marlon brando gave me an inny
by haywood jablomi March 08, 2005
A penis that goes in and out through the anus. People with innys, such as wheeler, have to sit down when making a pp. Also, innys throw off your balance resulting in lopsided body parts, and strong attractions to men.
When wheeler was pantsed, we all saw his inny.

We made fun of wheeler's inny for weeks
by bobby boby and billy April 28, 2005
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