A common retort used when someone begins discussing english novels.
Bob: I wonder did the author intentionally put so much innuendo in the novel

Sam:I'll inurendo!!
by Jakebobjoe March 31, 2008
In Your End OH.
Teacher "William Shakespeare put these innuendos in here intentionally"

Kid that fails "In Your End OH!"
by RaGiNgFaNg February 08, 2009
Preposition to indicate placement in an individual's anal area.
So's your Mom buddy - stick it innuendo!
by swilliam March 12, 2008
the state of being in ones bag of weed or something in your ass.
Man, that sucka is always playin you, you got all kinds of stems and seeds innuendo.

Man you better not get caught with all of those car stereos or else ull be in cb4 with bubba all up innuendo
by pointgrinder September 30, 2007
An Italian suppository.
Medication taken in the butt, explaining the reason the word is pronounced "in-you-end-o".

For further examples, contact Harp as seen on MTVs "Yo Momma".

Common occurance is in the joke used by Harp:

"Yo momma is so dumb, she thought innuendo was an Italian suppository."
by Cass July 29, 2006
Redneck slang for in your window.
I saw a bird fly innuendo.
by Anonymous May 15, 2003

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