1. slang for 'inner-sense'.
2. slang for 'in a sense'.
3. slang for 'in essence'.
1. I've got an feeling of innocence.
2. It is simply not true, innocence.
3. There is lots of potential energy, innocence.
by millerthegorilla January 25, 2009
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A nun working in a condom factory, thinking she is making little sleeping bags for mice.
its a joke, if you think this is the real definiton of innocence, then you are a dumbass
by Afotey October 08, 2005
Not being introduced to the internet. Specifically tumblr for example.
Friend 1: "dude, I just heard about this great website called tumblr.com!"
Friend 2: "oh jeez, don't go on there. That's where your innocence and childhood go to die."
by Herpaderp17 October 06, 2013
A beautiful with a sexy body. She brightens up the room and creates a better atmosphere. Any boy would fight for her affection
Did the just get brighter?

Yeah Innocence walked in
by Famalamduh November 26, 2014
To touch a woman's breast or Pussy, or a Man's Penis or Balls without having sex with them therefor not ruining their virginity but their innocence instead.
I just ruined Kaito's innocence the other day
by Naku Tsushiko March 19, 2011
A lady working in a condom factory thinking she is making sleeping bags for mice
Oh I just finished such a long shift making sleeping bags for mice, its such a nice brand name Trojan

She is such an innocence person, thinking she is making sleeping bags for mice
by aylabr March 23, 2009
Someone who posts something stupid while drunk.
For example:

Post 1: "Yunky, why do your farts smell like vaseline?

Post 2: "Oh, sorry, pulled an Innocence."
by Cydel September 13, 2005

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