A derivative of "is it not", or more directly "isn't it". Often used at the end of a statement or word to give it emphasis, and simultaneously invite agreement.
"cool, innit"
by Rambo August 21, 2003
innit..something to make chavs sound chavish...
innit bruv...you startin'?..he is innit
The incorrect way of spelling the london slang for "isn't it."
I mean, why not jst take it a step furthar, innnit perhaps? fools...
Dumbass: "That's well sick, innit?!"
Smart person: "I'm sorry, in-who?"
by Cool_3 January 21, 2008
A word, well, mainly chavs like to say

only for the reason that they're to lazy to say
'isn't it'

I mean why would you want to spend the time it would of taken to say that extra 'it' when you could be robbing some old ladies purse, huh?
Or just used as a general add-on to add to the safe factor.

Person 1: You goin' down Stacies party tonight?
Person 2: Yeh mate, its goin' to be safe innit.
Person 1: Blatently. Wanna go steal some WKD?
Person 2: Yeh mate. I'll just get this fuckin' police tagger off ma leg n then im gunna get pissed so i can get laid n spread my infections to all the 'sexy bbz' out there.
Person 1: Lush
Person 5: Innit.
by All the names are used up.. April 06, 2007
A chav in a box - preferably a coffin.
(In a rather high-brow British accent, upon coming across a chav funeral) Hurrah, another of those bastards innit!
by JRussellH May 09, 2006
A stupid word townies say to finish every single sentence, along with "like", "mush" and "mate"

Often this is incorrect as "Innit" is a shortened form of "Isn't it" which is usually meant as a question.
Townie: An' ah was like at the club wit' ma mates innit
Smi: You go clubbing?
Townie: Yeah innit
Rabson: You're only 12!
Townie: Yeah innit don't ya mate?
Smi: No...
Townie: Oh ma God-a like! I can't believe ya don't go clubbin' innit!
by Smi December 01, 2004
Contraction of isn't it.

Thought most famously used by -- so far as the writer understands -- "gangsta" English types, it's also used by Americans, though there is sometimes a tendency for it to sound more like "idnit", which might actually be worse because it's like...where'd the "d" come from?
"Innit/idnit time for you to go to work?"

"Dude, that is kinda bad, innit/idnit?"
by Foofy McTesticlites July 05, 2006
when you are in on a new trend.
Refer to british slang.
"wow, those shoes are so innit!"
by DemonicDuckii May 11, 2009

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