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when at the therapists', invariably the doctor has a patient 'locking horns' with whatever the "patient's" malady is, ie: fear of flying- go flying, fear of people- seek out people, fear of heights- go up a big tower, etc...

one is basically charged $150 an hour to get 'kissy-face' with their fear/s, so; why not just save the money and call on ones' 'inner psychiatrist' to handle this? so much cheaper, and definitely the truth!!
john wanted to meet women, but had to call upon his inner psychiatrist to get himself where the 'birds' were

judy's inner psychiatrist told her her fear of spiders was stupid, as she held a tarantula in her hand.

jaydine sucked it up and learned to like butt fucking, thanks to an 'inner psychiatrist'

joy was taught her body was dirty by the church...her inner psychiatrist sent her to the nude beach!
by michael foolsley July 03, 2010
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