This word is used when the thing or person is so incredible that they or it exceeds the word incredible to the point were you are forced to inject the word "FUCK", hense In-fuckin-credible.
Damn that car is In-fuckin-credible; Shit Christian was In-fuckin-credible last night; I had an In-fuckin-credible evening.
by Christian Champ June 14, 2006
Top Definition
an exclamation that is shouted when something is just unbelievable
That hotass bitch sittin' over there is a virgin? Infuckincredible!
by ceililover January 15, 2003
something that is just so insane or wild, that you have to combine fuck with incredible
"That Shit is infuckincredible" - Tom
"What?" - Jamie
"Doug sent me a picture of your sisters tits to my phone"
by NY Killa914 March 27, 2009

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