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A show that comes on around midnight or so to advertise a useless product. It lasts about 28-30 minutes with cheesy and over-the-top acting. Most of the time, you watch it when you can't get any sleep and you're too tired to know any better. In this state, you're convinced that you're in desperate need of a small step ladder with an mp3 player and bluetooth capabilities.
That infomercial convinced me that I need a shower radio that can also dice tomatoes. I think I wasted that $150.00.
by Tekkenfreek234 March 14, 2009
Shity comercial that takes forever to end.
Yeah, we know. But the goddamn product. WE GET IT.
by pissed off person September 06, 2003
A piece of (usually) television designed to both give information and promote a product. However, the information cannot be trusted because it is not impartial.
by Ian Chode September 05, 2003
The ever so popular Girls Gone Wild infomercial. (GGW)
"They play that GGW informercial so much at night, that I once whaked off fifteen times in one night before they were all over."
by Sean McReynolds February 03, 2004
Infomercial comes from the root word "info" and "mercial," which is greek for "to give wrongly"
But the infomercial said if I rub Bengay on my balls it'd feel amazing... They haven't grown back yet!
by J-Hoax January 04, 2011
a television show that gives you information or teaches you about something and advertises a product
I am sick and tired of these infomercials.
by Light Joker May 13, 2006