Infomercial comes from the root word "info" and "mercial," which is greek for "to give wrongly"
But the infomercial said if I rub Bengay on my balls it'd feel amazing... They haven't grown back yet!
by J-Hoax January 04, 2011
Top Definition
Show lasting 28:30 minutes attempting to sell a particular product on television. Most infomercials air in the overnight time periods, but do run all hours of day.
Wow, check out my new micro-midget! Martha Stewart was the spokeswoman in the infomercial promoting midget tossing.
by Luigi March 24, 2004
A 30 minute commercial disguised as something newsworthy or groundbreaking.
Buying a ginsu knife will somehow make me a better cook!
by Anonymous September 09, 2003
The stupid long ass commericals that only morons buy from.
"marks an idiot so he buys stuff from infomercials"
by kim October 16, 2003
Something you watch in the wee hours in the morning when you've had too much coffee and stale Timbits to know any better.
Wife: *calls from upstairs* Honey are you still watching those electric ab belt infomercials?
Husband: grrrrrmmmmmmmmmphhhh *drools*
by FuNkY mOnKeY October 15, 2003
a 30 minute commercial you watch at 6:30 in the morning that somehow is addicting and makes you not want to change the channel
i have to watch this windsor pilates infomercial because it's.... uhhhhrrrr.... (stares at screen as if posessed)
by andie September 20, 2003
Annoying commercials where the people selling stuff send subliminal messages, often by reapeting the same thing over and over, or shouting really loud.
Set it, then forget it!
by CT August 10, 2004
How actors down on their luck make money. Origin: Contractions of the words informational and commercial. Interestingly enough is neither informational, nor commercial.
And if you call in right now, we'll throw in this remarkable mock-leather carrying case, absolutely free of charge!
by Vampiro September 04, 2003
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