n. An increase in price for goods and services. Also when money loses value, decline in the purchasing power of money.
..."in inflation everything gets more valuable except money"...
by OliverS May 15, 2005
Top Definition
n. 1 a sexual practice in which the practicioner inflates his or her stomach by inserting air or fluid into his or her rectum, usually with a pump.
2 a fetish involving inflation of all or part of the body (think Violet in Charlie in the Chocolate Factory), usually the stomach. This fetish tends to be related to furries and is often portrayed in an outwardly non-sexual context.
Inflation is a great alternative for people with a pregnancy fetish.
by Xantu November 26, 2006
In America, how the federal government robs it's citizens.
Bob: President Bush's tax cuts, really helped me out! It's my money so why shouldnt i get to keep more of it?
Kelly" That's great Bob, it's too bad that because of inflation each dollar you save has less purchasing power each year.
by GeorgeWBush September 06, 2006
when one's tolerance to something over time devalues the product.
Thanks to inflation, it takes three joints to achieve the same high as smoking one joint ten years ago.
by kris takahashi March 25, 2010

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