Slang name for Indianapolis. Other names for Indianapolis include: Circle City, I-Town, and The Heart of America. The capitol of "Indiana." Has been increasing in population to become a thriving "Urban City" and one of the largest cities in the United States (check census). Is known for its crime rate, hospitality, and for its low cost of living. Home of the Pacers, Colts, Indy 500, and the Black Expo.
Ignorant Bastard: Where is the corn?
Indy born: What do ya mean whurr is the corn?!? Nigga this is Indianapolis... 317 is whurr you at... no corn herre.
by Michael Johnson February 06, 2004
Indy is short for Independent. Such as Independent film, Independent music, Independent wrestling, ect. Indy is anything that's not "big" or main stream. Indy is usually the feeder system for these things, the next generation of film makers and actors are usually indy, as well as musicians and wrestlers.
There's an indy film festival this weekend.
Next up is some indy music.
This Saturday there's an indy wrestling show.
by Ben April 02, 2004
INDY the shit.... indianapolis IN
i was up in nap-town last week... aka indy
by hoff33 December 11, 2004
A mobile guiness disposal device often found near sushi bars
Where is the Indy? Over there looking for the sushi bar.
by Phil January 12, 2004
Incredibly intelligent people who subscribe to no particular political party's dogma
Indy kicks Lil Davy's ass everyday on the Hardball BBS
by Lil Davy August 29, 2003
Indy is short for Independent. Such as Independent film, Independent music, Independent wrestling, ect. Indy is usually an acronymn for low budget films. Some may use it for music (see underground for independant music) or wrestling, but not often. Becuase if used more often for other things such as music or wrestling the term becomes to close to Indy racing. So the term Indy manly shows up more with term "Indy Films" or "Indy Movie."
That indy movie Pi rocked!
by Jack February 03, 2005
Any type of indicator light or signal; a warning light on a car's dashboard; open-door red light on a train; traffic signal.
Hey, John, we have the green indy, so let's GO!
by pentozali May 05, 2006
A kind of imbetween of pikeys, chavs and goths. or anything. someone who has their own style and likes their own things in life. basically an INDIVIDUAL.
Someone who likes football, rock/punk music at the same time. may wear some chav brands like nike due to being needed in the sporting world.
by Sam Willis March 16, 2005

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