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1. a very large douche bag (bag of douche), hence "industrial"

2. Someone who is an idiot, or really lame.

3. Used as a diss
my brother is such an industrial sized bag of douche
by xenu! May 21, 2008

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instead of calling someone just being a plain ol' bag of douche OR douche bag, they kick it up a notch by large sizing it.

You call someone this when they are of annoyance to you, or just plain retarded in general.

see also: douche bag, industrial

synonym(s): lame, stupid, moron
Kari: You know Mary? I can't believe what a big douche bag she has been since she's been dating Darby!

Alex: no no! she's being an industrial sized bag of douche!!

Kari: ooh!
by xenu! May 24, 2008