Alternative Rock music that didn't cross over into the mainstream(by choice or not) after the "alternative revolution" of the 90's. Typically, the music is relased on small "indie" labels. Indie Rock bands do music that doesn't necessarily appeal to wide mainstream audiences. There are a variety of reasons for this but some of the more common examples are the sound being to raw and abrasive(i.e to much distortion/feedback), the lyrics being to cryptic and abstract or the production and musicianship being to amateurish. In more recent years however some indie bands such as Modest Mouse, The Shins and The White Stripes have found some mainstream success. These bands however are still considered indie because they still have a decidedly non-mainstream sound.
90's indie rock-Pixies, Dinosaur Jr., Pavement, Superchunk, Archers of Loaf, Neutral Milk Hotel, Fugazi, Modest Mouse, Radiohead(controversially)

2000's indie rock-The White Stripes, The Shins, The Arcade Fire, Death Cab for Cutie, The Strokes, Artic Monkeys, Yeah Yeah Yeahs


90's-lo-fi, emo(went mainstream in 2000's), post-hardcore, noise pop, dream pop, neo-psychedelia, shoegaze, indie pop
2000's-garage rock revival, post-punk/new wave revival, freak folk, new weird America, dance punk, indietronica
by Devmeister July 03, 2009
Music that Americans CAN NOT MAKE. Interpol, The Killers, The Shins, these are examples of worthless American 'indie' bands. Good indie bands with a message and style include: Babyshambles, The Cribs, The Arctic Monkeys, wow how about that they are all ENGLISH.
Indie rock is the best genre of music these days.
by Urban Dictionary September 12, 2005
Music that tries to be different than any other music while somehow managing to sound like every other indie rock song out there.
It's not that I don't listen to indie rock. All my friends are obsessed with it, and I just can't stand it. It all sounds so whiny and I don't know why. Backtrack instead of something new that's old!!!! Losers like indie.
by Jesus loves you March 20, 2006
Yet another Mtv/Top Of The Pops creation, which will in five or so years be dead once they have invented more garbage to market. Not only are they NOT cool, they are seriously lacking in talent. I am not a hater who has never listened to whole albums of these artists either, I have listened to many albums and know one thing- they are all the same! They all bore me sleepy, I just can't listen to a whole album without regretting it, the music is unchallenging, lacks any innovation (the basic style hasn't changed much since the 60's) and has definately not got a cool image. Anything promoted by Mtv is sure to be a waste of money, bands like Keane, Franz Ferdinand, Kasabian and The Killers are all artificial shite.
In contrast however it is still a viable alternative to goth-inspired metal or the spineless rap Mtv plays. Lets face it, at least Indie relates to REAL people, but just lacks the musical talent and innovation to make it worth my hard earned cash.
In this age of shockingly bad music at least Indie Rock isn't the worst of the lot.
by Scurrvy January 20, 2006

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