Indie, speaking of a person, is short for "individualist"; unless spoken for music, it's short for "independent." Indie is the new hippie. Definitely one cool kid, but doesn't conform to "trendy-coolness." Off-beat and unique. Cool in a different way; isn't afraid to speak of differences, because they know their quiet sometimes outspoken confidence is envied. Indies are totally into community: indie bands have huge support groups. Indies are very defensive of their music. Their awesomeness is proven when they are talking about their favorite bands, and no body has ever heard of them before.
trendy kid: i love rap.
indie kid: i hate rap.
trendy kid: my favorite singer is kelly clarkson.
indie kid: my favorite singer is regina spektor.
trendy kid: i love these shoes right now, they are soo popular, i wish i had some!
indie kid: i hate these shoes right now, they are so popular, i would never wear them.
trendy kid: you are so indie.
indie kid: proud of it. whoa baby.
by wit goshhhhhh. April 03, 2006
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A misnomer for a particular style of music. It formerly was used to correctly classify music that was "underground" and not supported by major music labels. Popular thought in recent years has been that it is itself a style of music, usually 80's throwback, alternitive-style music.

Any band in any style of music can be indie by virtue of not being signed.The style is not important; it is independence from major labels that makes a band independent, or "indie". This idea has been lost due to the popularity of the term indie as it is used today.

The reason it became so popular is because to like indie music, in its correct sense, was respectable because you're bypassing the corporate music machine and finding music that you like on your own. As more and more hipster-type kids wanted to appear as deep as possible, they would answer the question "What kind of music do you like?" with "Indie." As time went on, this answer became so popular that the music that many of them listened to started to be referred to as indie. After a while of this, bands that are on major labels started to be absorbed into this pseudo-genre, rendering it an oxymoron.

Since the loosely associated music that is referred to as indie cannot properly be grouped and classified, a more appropriate label for what is erroneously referred to as indie would be "scene." The scene kids are often more concerned with being opinionated and elitist about their music choice than they are about the music itself. Scene fashion trends include tight pants, square-rimmed glasses, tight vintage-looking t-shirts, newsboy caps, military-style caps, and tattoos of stars, guns or bullets, and especially birds. Making the "scene" (i.e. a concert),being popular, and being narcissistic are the main motivations of scene kids. They often do their best to display that they possess these qualities on social networking sites like MySpace.
Jim: You should check out this band.
Frank: Oh yeah? What kind of music are they?
Jim: Indie.
Frank: OK, so they're not signed... I mean what genre are they?
Jim: Dude, I told you. Indie.
Frank: You're such a tool.

Billy: Oasis is like, the coolest indie band ever.
Mark: Man, you are totally clueless.
Billy: Please. Music is my life. I would die without music. My taste is superb. How dare you criticize me?
Mark: Wow. You're hopeless. I'm leaving.
Billy: Good. I have to blog about how awesome the concert I went to last night was and post the 30 pictures I took of myself there on MySpace.
by SmashCrab March 12, 2008
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indie kids,are often kids who reject labels and will only accept being called an indie kid if called so by a friend who understand that the indie kid did not try and obtain this label.

indie kids style is a mixture of independent factors that they enjoy.
sometimes pulling from the realms of folksy,punk or hip.
indie style is a mixture of other styles,layered to create something somewhat original with each person.
"cute dress,girl."
"thanks trent, i found it in my mom's closet. i like it because it's modern with a twist,and no one else will ever have the same one!"
"aw,you're kind of an indie kid."
"ew! haha."
"no its ok,as far as labels go that's not such a bad one to fit into"
"haha thanks."
by girlyyyyy January 06, 2007
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Indie kids have their own sense of every other group. They may think jocks are too dumb, cheerleaders are too whorish, emos are too pathetic or skaters are just a little out of control. They don't really fit in anywhere. Even around other indies they disagree on who is better, Death Cab or Cutie or the Snow Patrol.

You'll find them in Urban Outfitters, watching Epert and Roeper, or at a library.

They would rather express their own opinion, which is usually more educated than most, then try to fit into one group. This can be annoying because for the most part they are normal, functioning members of society. However, if you ever wanted to do somthing that is mainstream, such as dance at a club or play a sport, even those harmless things are too common for them. Its also a shame because they are usually educated enough to support why they like the Shins and go against the group, but they usually find flaws in everything that isn't in accordance with their own differing beliefs.

Nevertheless, they are better than the extreme, devoted goths, skaters and chavs because at least they are down to earth and know that acting like that is gonna get you nowhere.

The female indies usually end up being financial consultants and the male ones are usually english teachers.
Average Guy: Hey dude, wanna throw a football around?
Indie: Sorry 'dude', I'm trying to decide if Kerry's policies go against his counterpart's own ideals, before my interview at Brown at 4:30. I'd prefer something that can benefit me in 15 years more than tossing around something so pointless.
Average Guy: Well whatever, see you later outcast.

Goth: Hey you should wear some black eyeshadow, it will help show your rebellious side.
Indie: Rebel against what? I like my life and don't hate my parents. Don't be such a waste.

Normal Guy: Hey, I didn't see you at the dance.
Indie: God, I can't stand dances, the music is too loud and too idiotic, the women act like whores, the men act like animals and I would rather be anywhere else.
Normal Guy: Whatever man, I had fun.
Indie: I'm sure you would.
by Average Conformist November 26, 2005
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Abstract kids. nothing like them in the world. everybody says theyre always so smart and this and that. but u dont have to be a genius. you should just have strong opinions and the strength to back them up when they are questioned. indies just cool in general. it mostly deals with liking things that arent the norm. or dressing the way you want to dress. and being indie means that u dont like lables because they just suck. they chill at nifty places like shows, libraries, the ipod store, and urban outfitters. they dress different. no indie dresses alike so theres no real way to explain it, just that when you see an indie kid youll know its an indie kid.
bob dylan.
anybody at urban outfitters.
anybody in the band death cab for cutie or sullivan etc....
u know. i cant really give an example of indie people bc theyre all so different. so im not even gonna bother anymore
by boomboomhuckjamm July 31, 2006
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it has been said many different ways. But "indie" is very broad and encompasses a lot. Its not always a person who tries to go against the main stream-but just someone who likes what isn't popularized... Indie is what something is before its watered down and presented for basic and massive culture. Yes some people who like indie music are proud and can be sarcastic to those that do not try to further their tastes beyond mtv, radio and mega cd stores. Indie-"kids" tend to hunt out more for music.
Indie can also appeal to hip hop, electro, baile funk, and every catagory-since it justs means independent.
music kid: i love death cab, and the killers- their so indie!
Indie person: Actually they're quite mainstream, try again. Instead perhaps: Red paintings, silversun pickups, the knife, Dresdon Dolls, Clouddead, CocoRosie, SpankRock, Diplo, Hot chip, Muslimgauze, Milosh, Neon Blonde, Nouvelle Vague, Rasputina, Von Iva, and Arcade Fire!
by mmm, good music is tasty October 26, 2006
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People who don't think they are better than you in every way.

They know it.
I am one of them. Indie is still independent. For now.
by A_l_e_x_ July 08, 2006
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