Not actually a musical genre. Stems from the meaning of independent labels, which can apply to any REAL musical genre, from punk to metal and their subgenres, to underground hip hop etc. Bands such as Arcade Fire, Modest Mouse, The Academy Is, etc, are/were commonly labeled as Indie, but most bands that commonly fall into the "indie" label are actually just as easily (and correctly) labeled as art-rock or experimental.

Indie kids, however, are generally pretentious, stuck up (and by no means more educated/intelligent than anyone falling into another social group) copy-cats that think they know everything about music, movies, life, etc. One commonly sees them dressed up in earth tones with suspenders, sporting such "outdated" fashions as corduroy, and those slanted hats commonly associated with grandfathers and old-school newspaper boys.
indie labels: anything that is not funded/ran by large corporations and multinational businesses, even more popular labels such as Epitaph and Fat Wreck-Chords would be considered independent labels


Indie kid 1: "Hey Chuck, did you hear that new Arcade Fire CD?"

Indie kid 2: Uh, James, Arcade Fire sold out man, they aren't indie. But those are some nice suspenders you have. Let's philosophize about the affect of cheese on society."
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by Ken W March 27, 2007
Indie started out as being an individualist (hence the name indie), wearing what you want and listening to what you like (but mostly unheard of or obscure bands) but now has become more of a fashion which some people like and others do not.
British Indie is sort of a mix between mod and punk. The style of a mod and the attitude of a punk. The music listend to is the smiths, blur,the cure and bands which are heavily influenced (by agian, mod and punk bands) like the libertines, the others, the cribs, the coral, the paddingtons and bloc party amoungsed many others.
dad: Who do you think you are? Paul Weller?
mum: No, he thinks he's Joe Strummer!
gran: look at ya with ya scruffy jeans and messy hair. in my day you'd get a good sound thrashing if you went out like that!
by Hey Scenesters! May 31, 2005
Are into very obscure bands and newish bands until they become mainstream
Indie 'Hey do you like Black Rebel Motorcylce Club?

Wannabe 'Never heard, Oh but I love Arctic Monkeys.

Indie 'You dick, I told you about them about three fucking years ago, go and listen to The Courteeners, quick!

Wannabe 'Okay, I'm really sorry.'
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by Stekop1 November 23, 2007
short for independent music.
contrary to what most people say about indie kids, they're actually very nice people.
there are a few indie kids who look down on others because of their "exclusive tastes in music and culture".

but generally, most indie kids are "indie" because they are INDEPENDENT and dont care what others think. they're nice people who will hold a conversation with anyone about anything, not just music.
not all "indie kids" have wavy hair and wear converse. indie is whatever you want it to be. its about being true to yourself and the things that you truly enjoy.
there is no way to BECOME an indie kid. indie is INDEPENDENT, so just be yourself :)
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by yeahwhatev. May 04, 2009
In a common sense, "Indie" stands for a musical stream of bands who use influences of different older bands (mostly from the 70's, 80's). Most of them are considered "pop", but their music is "handmade" and they often belong to small record labels. They also express their independence in creative clothes etc.

I think you can be indie in many different ways when you
- don't do something just because everyone else does it.
- create your own favourite style in music, clothes, ...
- build up your own opinions and stand behind them.
Cool Kid: So what music do you listen to?
Indie Kid: Oh, there are many styles I like... i think Franz Ferdinand are very catchy at the moment...
Cool Kid:I think the new album by Good Charlotte is awesome.
Indie Kid: I used to listen to this band when I was 13, but now I'm a bit outgrown.
- silence -

Cool Kid: I heard you are also into Indie?
Indie Kid: ...
Cool Kid: I recently bought some CDs by Adam Green, he's so cute and so indie... But his music is really lame, I think.
So do you want to have them?
Indie Kid: (chuckles to itself) No, thanks.
#indie #indie kid #indie music #franz ferdinand #adam green
by different to yours March 17, 2008
indie, short for independent. not necessarily associated with music, also used in accordance to indie movies. i.e. independent movies
indie-music: the streets
indie-movie: in america
by greeny November 13, 2004
What a very select few achieve. Mainly "claim" to be indie, but they really aren't. In a couple years indie will become old, and the people that are still there are the true indies. At the moment it is the cool thing to be, the people that are it don't even truly, deeply, respect the music, they are in it for the glory of being indie. Maybe.... I dunno. Anyway...yeah. The true indies are getting a bad rap from people who are poser indies. Die you poser scum, emo kids too.
I am indie. Truly indie. I can rattle off any fact about any band. I love the music. Emo kids go to hell. Ronnie Thrasher, too.
by Polly April 15, 2005
the art of pretending to be a professional photographer, photos of converses & derelict buildings on your social site is a must.
The art of listening to such obscure bands that the next step in Indieness is listening to non-existence itself, Very few have acheived this.
The art of drinking starbucks & once that becomes mainstream home-growing your own organic coffee beans.
The art of extreme self-denial, A true indie must learn to let go of his or her favourite obscure band once they cross into being a well known band & then rant at how they sold out from their roots.
The art of feigning intelligence, To be a real indie one must watch foreign independent films, possess but not necessarily read or understand influential books (see Ulysses/Walden/Communist manifesto & others) & be able to act intelligent on a subject for a minimum of five minutes over a cup of coffee before your true knowledge on the topic is shown to be extremely limited & flawed
The ultimate paradox, of claiming to be unique & not following trends. Yet then adhering to the above statements
If you were really Indie you'd piss in your bed & not the toilet, cause you know toilets are SOOO mainstream

How many indies does it take to change a lightbulb? Hint: its some really obscure number you've probably never heard of
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by dumguy1&dumguy2 June 16, 2011
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