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"Indie" has become a vague term. It stands for a type of music, a type of lifestye, and even a whole "look".

The Type Of Music:Independantly recorded, on the mellow side(unknown, independant recorded:hip-hop/hardcore/emo bands are <b>not</b> Indie!)

The Look: The Indie look is all about vintage. That means thrift stores, T-shirts of obscure/old bands,Blazers (you wear it over the T-shirt) ripped/tight jeans, shaggy hair, big sunglasses.(think The Strokes. The Strokes lifestyle before becoming famous was the epitome of Indie, they owned nothing that was made after 1980, they were slumming in new york apartments, and some were heavily into Heroin)

The Lifestyle: Most "Indie" kids are: White. Drive old cars. Live together in rented out, very old homes/or shitty apartments, and are extremely poor and slumming. Many indie kids are heavy into drugs. Indie kids are very exclusive with who they choose to hang out with, and sometimes form "Crews". Indie kids sometimes listen to Gangster Rap, sort of as a joke. (haha)

Some bands that have the "Indie" sound, but are technically not Indie because of their popularity are: The Shins, Rooney, Modest Mouse, Hot Hot Heat, The Strokes. Etc.
Type Of Music: <i>Sean</i>:My bands going on tour soon
<i>groupie</i>:oh really? is anything you play on the radio?
<i>Sean</i>:Hell no..we're Indie fuck corporate radio, we're all about the music, not the popularity or money!

The Look: <i>Sean</i>: Fuck I just got a dope ass tweed Blazer at Savers for 10 bucks! I'm gonna wear it over my Deathcab For Cutie shirt!
<i>groupie</i>You're Soo INdie<33!

The Lifestyle: <i>Sean</i>: My parents are filthy rich.. but I moved out into an old ass apartment with 3 friends, we dont have a computer or TV, we get fucked up all day and work just enough to get by, we play guitar and make out with girls that have shaggy hair. We're soo indie!
by _tweed_bizzle_ February 16, 2005
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Indie, i believe is anything that is. It was once extremely underrated and now it has turned ino this giant mainstream scene of rich kids in the hills driving in there beamors and listening to the mouse or going home and watching "Garden State" affinity times. Oh well there will soon be a new scene out there for us to feast upon and then have it eaten and then shit out by some Hollister sporting surfer boys down in Hunington.
indie is what is in.
by ALEX the cat March 27, 2005
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Something you find here:

and here:
Indie music can be very melancholy
by apple_eater December 26, 2008
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music released on an independant label that has now somehow become a rock radio trend. it has developed its own sound. mostly weak vocals backed up by uninteresting repetitive music. lyrics are the usually the strong points in this music but dont make up for the lack of passion and energy.
dont go indie, listen to music that involves more ball stomping
by askogofidifof123 August 18, 2006
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Indie is a genre that allows people to pick u a cheap guitar, sing/talk in a nasal manor. In Britain it is popular to do this with a thick colloquial accent such as Cockney or Geordie. Indie is about being different, only in the same way as everyone else who is indie. Indies, as indie lovers are known, pride them selves on their openness to “new” music, so long as it sounds like The Clash or has a synthesiser badly played in an annoying 80’s manor all the way through it. The fast guitar solo was outlawed in indie in 1989. You can only be an indie guitarist if you have a tinny nasty guitar tone and play slightly out of sync with your drummer. Indie bassist died out in 1987 and so they are left with a computer putting in 1/8th note repetitions.
Indie fashion: It is Topman fashion that isn’t purchased from Topman or other such high street chains. Charity shop clothes are preferred however if you spent £70 on a pair of 1965 socks from Christies auction house that’s ok too.
In the indie world or the uk, NME tell you which bands to like and dislike, strict adherence to this is strongly recomended otherwise you may be seen to be disturbing the independance of indie
Pete Doherty is the king of indie.
the Axel Rose of Indie
Famed for not turning up at gigs, or when turning up being off his face. Fans love him for "the intimacy of the gig" (meaning only 5 fans turn up and the rest of band get pissed off and leave) and "the pain of his story" lets all turn up and feel sorry for a guy will be joining the 27 club.
Also famed for breaking into a bandmates house, stealing and selling his guitars for heroin.
Kate Moss and Pete Doherty king and queen of cool in theindie world! or so say NME
by pappydu October 11, 2005
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So awesome, non-mainstream in no way whatsoever. Someone that is indie does not follow the herd. You can not become indie, you are only born that way. To be indie is to not care about anything, but at the same time, to be above everything. Even this site.
1. Kalie is a most decidely non-indie person, while Jessica rocks the indie boat without trying.
by Johnny the Toaster English July 14, 2004
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origionally bands without a record label.
Now a variety of bands tht get worse by the minute, most indie is more depressing than emo, each song boring after 2 times worth of hearing it, and hooribly over played, because indie is the new "in"
most indie ppl say they are different and "individual" this cannt be true as they are indie, also most are just trendies and dont actually like the music!!!
guy:hey are you going to leeds fest?
indie kid:yeah of course
guy:what bands are you going to see?
indie kid:you mean bands play there
guy:i just dont want to talk to you
indie kid:just because im better than you and more individual than youll evere be
by milner April 13, 2005
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a type of rock music, which is defined by the "independent" labels its published by. listening to indie music is often a badge of membership in certain hipster social circles. indie rock bands often evade commercial success (intentionally or not), but the instant they become popular with anyone not in the "in crowd", or they get air play on commercial radio, their old fan bases dissolve, accusing the bands of "selling out".
aside from sonic youth, every indie band i've ever listened to, has disappointed me
by minghi April 26, 2003
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