the act of being raped on a pinball machine by a popular movie director
Dude, last week I saw J.J Abrams Indiana Jones-ing Billy at the arcade last Friday.
by mcjangles July 02, 2011
Top Definition
1. To have a strong desire to go Indiana.
2. To have a strong desire to use a whip, find artifacts, and sleep with countless babes.
Dave - Did you see that hot Nazi chick?
Ray - Yeah man, I'm Indiana Jonesing to bust out my whip and show her a thing or two.
by Matt Kap June 12, 2007
(V.) the act of trying to find something very hard then realizing it is right in front of you.
Yeah as I was saying, he kept indiana jonesing for the napkins but then he realized they were right in front of him.
by Cuzican777 December 12, 2010
Taking somthing from one place and then placing another object in its spot.

Other uses- Indiana Jonesed, Jonesed, Jonesing, Indiana Joneser (one who Joneses).
-"That was the best Indiana Jonesing I've ever seen."

-"This isn't my beer, mine was full. Damn, I just got Indiana Jonsed!"

-slang. "I just Jonesed that guy!"

-"Don't hang out with them. They are Indiana Jonesers."

-slang. "Do you feel like Jonesing tonight?"
by Aus Kow May 12, 2008
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