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a true INDIAN BABES is...........
☞ Accepts you as you are.
☞ Believes in you.
☞ Never judges you.
☞ Clams down ur fears.
☞ Raises your spirit.
☞ Calls you only to say 'HELLO'.
☞ Doesn't give up with u.
☞ Admires all sides of your personality/
☞ Forgive ur mistakes.
☞ Helps you.
☞ Encourges you to try it again.
☞ Makes a difference in your life.
☞ Says nice things about you.
☞ Offers her/his support.
☞ Understand you.
☞ Tells you the truth.
☞ Explain things you don't understand.
☞ Walks by ur side.
☞ Shouts if necessary, if you don't want to listen.

welcome you to
.๑۩۩.INDIAN BABES.۩۩๑.
indian babes r polite ,decent,kind hearted...
by lucky777777 January 02, 2012
TO ●Indian♥babeS●
☞ believes in you● ¶LOVE¶
☞ walks by ur side● ¶IS¶
☞ raises your spirit● ¶DIVINE¶
☞ never judges you● ♥♥♥♥♥♥
☞ clams down ur fears● ¶FEEL¶
☞ accepts you as you are● ¶IT¶

.๑۩۩.INDIAN BABES.۩۩๑.
♥it's a friendly chat group♥

◄═♦▒♞THANK ☆ YOU♞▒♦═►
INDIAN BABES r always lovable & decent....
by jonee3211 January 10, 2012
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