Smelly weirdos
Ashley: Ew look at that smelly indian
Bob: yeah
by ashleybaker1996 June 26, 2011
1. a member of a race of people that is considered stinky, ugly, disgusting, and filthy by other races. Indians immigrate to western countries due to poverty, squalor, diseases, ugliness, and high unemployment rate in their country called India.

2. smelly; someone who emanates an offensive odor, which is characteristic of the country called India.

3. a person who looks like he smeared black or brown feces on his face; normally has raccoon eyes and dark lips
Something smells in here! Yuck! It smells worst than a skunk, it must be an Indian!
by TerrySchmidt March 12, 2011
Being cheap, poor, frugal, raunchy, pathetic.
Joe's being an indian bout it
by john redcorn21 February 10, 2011
In Canada, it is a derogatory term for First Nations people, a people who lied before the whites came, took their land, brainwashed them into Christianity, made them second-class citizens, and forced them onto reserves.

Although the word used to be quite polite, it has gone the way of the word "negro" and has become a highly offensive term. A much less offensive term is native, and is the term of preference if you talk to someone of that culture without offending them.
Native people are great. They don't deserve all the stereotypes and the hatred. Oh, and DON'T call them indians.
by Mr Cassata June 23, 2005
1) there's the hardworking kind who come from India
2) then there's the lazy kind, also known as Native Americans
or Injins
1) Man, my boss worked me hard like an Indian today.
2) I fucked the dog at work today like an indian.
by Loudog6969 January 10, 2007
A term to desribe Anyone or anything. Can be used for both inanimate objects and humans.
2 guys walking in the street see a weird punk with long hair and peircings.
Guy 1: Omg look at that indian
Guy 2: ya i know he's so indian
by king of cheese April 18, 2009
Another word used instead of the word curry. (British slang term).
Similar to when people say they are going for a Chinese, when they mean they are going to eat Chinese food.
"I really fancy going for an Indian. Are you coming too mate? Mines a vindaloo!"
by Davey Boy March 03, 2005

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