A person who flees thier home county to live abroad and look down on those who have not had the chance to get out of the the poverty stricken home country. A classist with no deep insight into life. An opressed woman. A spoiled mamas boy. A corrupt person or public official
With such hubris he must be Indian! For every one of him there are 50,000 back home living is squalor.
by Jugdesh January 31, 2011
somebody from India. Generally, a very deluded person with an inflated sense of self importance and a warped account of history and world events.
by Graham1984 November 16, 2009
this pertains to either slurpy indians or as known middle eastern indians then there are casino indians such as indians over in america.
are u talking about slurpy indians or casino indians

im talking about slurpy indians such as the ones over in middle eastern countries

o i was thinking of casino indians such as the ones in america who build casinos on thier reservations to help make money
by kool-aid woman November 29, 2010
To find someone
I'll indians you at some point tomorrow
by Jammy Sod February 20, 2012
Annoying parasites with poor English speaking ability overflowing out of their own country into western countries like Australia, the United States of America, Great Britain.

Not to be confused with Indigenous Americans.

They have more children than they could ever possibly afford to feed, the children are treated like slaves and have a malnourished and cruel upbringing. So they flock onto boats and planes where there is more to consume and continue the cycle in other countries.

Caucasian people or even people who can speak English are now a rare sighting in Sydney, Australia.

They have already made a slum out of their own country, and now they are making slums out of the entire world.

They are usually found at the petrol station counter, fast food restaurants, driving taxis or providing technical phone support for companies like Telstra.

They make delicious food, curry, rice, naan bread, poppadoms etc. Too bad there won't be any food or water left to go around after they swarm the earth and the population reaches 50 billion.
At the time of writing there are approximately 1.2 billion Indians

China has a population of 1.3 billion, and has a 1 child policy. India is about to overtake China in population.
by IndiansSuck January 28, 2013
An Indian is a member of a noble race. The progenitors of the Caucasian/Caucasoid race.
The original and only true Aryan people. Gave rise to people of Iran (Persians) as the Indians (Aryans) migrated north-westerly.

They also migrated East giving rise to cultures of South-East Asia....notice the temples of Angkor-Wat and Bali.........also the various Sanskrit place names common in South-East Asia, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia etc.

The Indians gave rise to modern languages--Indo-European languages.
The ancient and honorable race of Indians are the true and pure Aryans.

To be an Indian means being intelligent, honorable and hardworking.

Arjuna was a great Aryan Indian hero, and many young Indians aspire to be like Arujuna.

The great Aryan warrior of India, Arjuna, saw only the eye of the bird whilst everyone else saw the whole bird, the garden, the tree etc.

Being an Indian is being Aryan and being Aryan is being Indian.

You can thank India and the Aryan Indians for the zero and the base 10 number system.

India is Aryan, there is no Arya/Dravida divide. Dravida means south in ancient Sanskrit.........that is it. Aryan-Dravida divide is a colonial device to destabilize India and her people and it has worked but now we are changing it as we realize our Southern brothers are just that, our brothers. An Aryan skin tone ranges from light tanned, olive skinned to medium and even dark brown/black skin tones in the South.

That Punjabi man is a pure Aryan.

That Keralite man is a pure Aryan.

Thus all Indians are pure Aryan.
by AryaMaster May 14, 2009
Smelly weirdos
Ashley: Ew look at that smelly indian
Bob: yeah
by ashleybaker1996 June 26, 2011

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