Indian : The one born to do outsourced jobs (esp. Software Engineering) from the west.
Indian Characteristics: Indians has excellent Mathematical knowledge and logical thinking and so are more employed in corporates & MNC of the western world.They also form very good work force.Indians are good consultants too. Most of the companies hire indians for jobs at higher levels..
Raj : Hi I am Indian.I work for the intel corporation as a
Financial Consultant.
Veroni :BonJour ,I am a French.Can I have your assistence in solving my Tax probs.
Raj : With Pleasure , Mademoiselle.

by Nancy_Maxillus November 07, 2006
Descriptive term used interchangably until recently to describe two different groups of people:

1) East Indians; origin of India

2) Native Americans; origin of North America.

While Indian is still an apt descriptive term of those who hail from the country India it is best avoided when used to refer to those who originated in North America. Some consider it to be politically incorrect but the bigger issue is probably the tendency for misunderstanding and confusion in our modern global society.
The new student in school is Indian.

Common responses: Which Indian? or Dots or feathers?
by Erin French August 02, 2005
ok there's 2 times of indian one is the obvious native americans (awesome & freespirited) and then the indians of india. Let me further classify these indians. There's the ones that come straight from india, who smell funny, is funny, very hardworking, and for some reason, they're extremely cool in a way. not laid back, and not genuinely cool or a wanna-be, but just cool in their own quirky way. awesome, awesome people here if you arent a wanna-be cool person and your genuinely seeking a friend who is funny.
Now, there's the second kind of indian. this is the americanized kind, most commonly found in america or even india. the girls are weepy, don't know their own language, wear abercrombie, have HUGE egos,are obsessed with plucking out facial hair, talk with a stupid made up accent, and try to "play coy" and pretend to flirt or wink at total stranger boys, then run away and giggle uncontrollably. the boys wear "sk8er" clothes, wear sunglasses indoors, lean against walls in the mall and watch ugly girls, and look better in traditional indian clothes rather than tight clothes that highlight their thin unibrow. sometimes a fat math geek, sometimes a wannabe cool person. anyways, indian people ROCK and r really awesome, but watch out which kind you befriend!
press: bobby jindal, are you indian?
bobby jindal: no, im a wannabe louisiana hillbilly!

dude: sup, dude, you indian?
indian: yes, to be sure! what does sup mean?
dude: haha dude you rock! wanna be my best friend dude?
indian:okay. doooooood. is that how you say it?
dude: dude! yore like the coolest guy in town! hey wanna hang out with me and my friends?
indian: okay dood
by tick tock turn round im there January 03, 2009
A Patel or someone with a really long name.
Owns gas stations or other businesses. Dominates Medical fields, Engineering field, and education competitions. They are smart.
Patel: Hi I noticed your indian, my name is raj and I'm also indian
Indian not named Patel: Nice meeting you, my name is Krishnarao Pothuraju, what are your grades?
by TJPot November 28, 2011
1. Noun; A citizen of India living abroad

2. Noun; A hopeful, naive, wide-eyed medical or engineering student or professional from India that became a U.S. citizen or is in the process of becoming a citizen by way of abusing their student or work (H1B) visa privledges.

Tend to think they are superior intellectual beings (and project this onto random passers-by) while secretly harboring deep feelings of inferiority because they only live in their heads and are one-dimensional. Are used to competing intellectually in India because it's overcrowded and carry this mentality with them when to U.S. educational institutions or the workplace.

Funnel themselves into medical or engineering professions. Indians that migrate to the U.S. from India tend to be at the top of their class in India so this is all americans see. Typically work at large corporations so they can get H1B Visa sponsorship while "the man" sticks it to them financially by low-balling their salary and/or benefits. This is a win-win situation because "the man" has the Indian employee by the balls and can underpay him as a result and the H1B Indian wins because he landed a job in a high-tech industry. Hence, he can now call home and brag and this drastically increases his chances of securing and marrying an Indian woman who will be shipped to him because he has now "made it" but he doesn't realize that he was being (and is still being) manipulated and abused by "the man".
Man, at work I saw this Indian walking down the hall with his head bent forward slightly so that he could absorb and process more information from the environment with his intellectually superior brain.
by boomer323 June 21, 2010
The majority of people u see in facebook and usually(not commonly) they comment in hindi thinking we all know hindiThey are also famous for love movie the only place people can get alive after they die and make love and sing "lecha lecha"This is not harrasing but there is a vast difference between bollywood stars and 99 percent of normal people's face, accent, dressing,housing, and behaviour,
A: my facebook just got 500 comment
B: they are all indian
by Sistar-fan March 11, 2013
The term Cristobal Columbus coined to describe the inhabitants of the so called New World; the term stuck, and continues into modern times to describe a "Native American," (Also known as "Red Indians," a term predominantly coined by Indians (People from India), in order to specify the difference. The word "Indian," when describing Native Americans also has many derogatory and/or slang names, but call an "Indian" what you will, they are the people that Senior Columbus found when he stumbled upon a part of the earth that "Westerners" didn't know about...that is of course until it was actually recorded in "history."
Cristopher Columus' lack of worldy knowledge caused a miskew of the term "Indian" to describe people of a certain geographical locale.
by Earth Man April 22, 2008
a stinky muslim rip off who can't get his dick hard
guy1 Hey have you seen that nasty indian jim?
guy2 yeah that was fucking gross
by LocoCaramelCoCo October 04, 2013

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