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Indian : The one born to do outsourced jobs (esp. Software Engineering) from the west.
Indian Characteristics: Indians has excellent Mathematical knowledge and logical thinking and so are more employed in corporates & MNC of the western world.They also form very good work force.Indians are good consultants too. Most of the companies hire indians for jobs at higher levels..
Raj : Hi I am Indian.I work for the intel corporation as a
Financial Consultant.
Veroni :BonJour ,I am a French.Can I have your assistence in solving my Tax probs.
Raj : With Pleasure , Mademoiselle.

by Nancy_Maxillus November 07, 2006
Ignoring all the racist comments and such, I'll have to add that most people don't have a correct image of Indians. Has anyone noticed that the tip of North India touches the China border? Does anyone have the knowledge that there are many different appearances of Indians?

Indians have a variety of appearances. I am pure Indian, from the tip of the north, and I have green eyes, fair skin, and brown hair... light brown at that. There is no one related to me who is not Indian. People have never known from first look that I am Indian.

Indians from the north look very Chinese or Spanish (not sure what the green eyes and brown hair leads to), Indians from the south tend to have darker skin (naturally because they're closer to the equator), and from the middle they have golden or light caramel skin. Most people think of Southern Indians and no others but this is not the whole picture.

I'm proud of my origin and I think my people are very beautiful as they are. Because we have so many colors (from the palest to the darkest) we are very accepting of everyone. India is a beautiful country and so are our people.
Me: The country I am from is India...

Person: You're not Indian! You're white!

Me: Shut up you ignorant kid... not all Indians are dark, and even if some are, does it really matter?
by CuteDucklings December 30, 2010
People from Indian Subcontinent who represent the world most diverse group of people hailing from a country of more than 1 billion people.
The 5th largest economy in the world which is growing at 8% GDP per annum and have largest pool of talented and young professionals, engineers, doctors, enterpreneurs & managers.

More than 25 million Indians represents the most successful group of immigrants in Europe, US &
Asia. Most of them have talent to create wealth. They may arrive with couple of hundred dollars in the pocket but end up making millions due to fighting spirit to make it big in the foereign country.

Needless to say they come in all shapes and sizes, with different personalities, thinking and behaviour. More than 10000 year old continuous Indian civilisation has survived the invasion from the British who left the country bankrupt and divided 60 years ago. Since than country has emerged as major economic and nuclear power with major technological advances.

In 2006 the country has emerged as number #1 outsourcing destination for foreign multinationals with world share of 44% in IT & BPO industry and fast capturing world share of finance industry, biotech and pharma research. Inspite of western stereotype and narrow world view India is advancing and Indians are doing well.

English man: Oh! these bloody Indians, you find them everywhere you go, my Doctor is Indian so is this check out operator.
Irish man: My daughter Lisa go out with an Indian he is from Srilanka.
English man: Is Srilanka is in India.
Irish man: Who cares mate, lets eat some curry & tandoori chicken tonight, it's taste great!!
by rocky1 September 19, 2006
people that trace their ancestral lines back to the country of India, located in Asia, next to China. Many of the people of this race have become big somebodies in our nation, such as Anoop Desai, who was in Americal Idol, or even Dev Patel, who was the star of the world-renowned film, The Slumdog Millionaire. He has won many awards. Also, singers/rappers of Indian descent are Nivla, Bohemia, Jay Sean, and M.I.A. Indians are very chill to hang with, and many of them are considered 'sexy'. The Indians are also very smart, with their 98 averages in schools. Us Americans look forward to the Indian movement here in America!
Dr. Robert: Yo bro, what's good, by any chance are yoy Indian? My bad if I'm wrong.

Dr. Krishna: Yeah, just look at my name bro, what else do you think I am? I got brown skin! And no, I'm not Mexican even though I'm brown. We got two types of Brown people here!
by RRRRRZKKKKK June 24, 2009
That guy that answers the phone when you call a 1-800 number.
You have reached Microsoft customer service, how may I help you?
- I know your Indian but please speak English
by bbooaatt June 27, 2011
1. A person who like to take extreme pride that their "people" are the smartest and wealthiest minority group. They will flaunt these statistics at any given chance so that they can educate their non-indian friends.
2. A person who is obsessed with their skin tone or obsessed with obtaining a gora/gori. They're usually scared of the sun.
3. A person who will act ignorant in a temple to prove they're "modern".
4.They will wear expensive clothes when visiting India but when in the U.S. they will "freeload" on Taco Bell's pop/soda by asking for a water cup.
5. Usually attribute odd features such as parrot-nose or big bug eyes as attractive.
6. Esp. judgemental to their own people(north/south).
That indian girl is comparing skin colors with her cousin.
by Robitussinchicago March 28, 2008
Descriptive term used interchangably until recently to describe two different groups of people:

1) East Indians; origin of India

2) Native Americans; origin of North America.

While Indian is still an apt descriptive term of those who hail from the country India it is best avoided when used to refer to those who originated in North America. Some consider it to be politically incorrect but the bigger issue is probably the tendency for misunderstanding and confusion in our modern global society.
The new student in school is Indian.

Common responses: Which Indian? or Dots or feathers?
by Erin French August 02, 2005