A very hairy girl that can either be very smart or very stupid.
1. that indian girl has a unibrow!

2. look at that indian girls unibrow!

3. holy shit! a unibrow!
#indian #girl #hairy #chode #wow
by 9InchesOfPork December 25, 2008
Top Definition
A very spicy, yet hairy vagina. Because of religious practices, many Indian girls end up looking like Chewbacca.
1. Wow, Prianca that is one hairy swunt you got there!

2. Oh ms indian girl pull down your pants. *Chewbacca growl*
#indian #girl #swunt #vagina #spicy #curry #chewbacca #growl #ugly
by Hatchet Wound January 16, 2009
these girls are the ugliest ones in the US. The ones in Bollywood make the ones here look like shit.

Usually full of themselves, but will usually marry another ugly-ass indian guy
Man, those girls from Dhoom were hot!

Yea, if there were only some of those indian girls here! the ones here are butt-ass ugly!
#nast #curry soap #bollywood #fml #gtfo
by randomazzIndianguy March 03, 2009
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